These are the photos that I feel have best defined me over the years. Remember ladies, we evolve. We learn, we change. Don’t be tied to one particular look. I love wearing a dress! But I also love a casual look with jeans, a business look with a skirt, a cute top and a pair of shorts, a denim jacket with capris, open your mind to different ways to be you. Allow that woman inside of you to be that woman inside of you!!

So here we go, my picks to define me each year of my life as Kandi.

2015 (my first year out in public)


The 2016 photos are more about the experiences than the actual outfits or photographs themselves.

Bridal Gallery

This is a whole different experience! Complete female immersion, unbelievable acceptance. I have had nine bridal fittings and still get chills thinking about them. When you look at the photos, take notice of some of the people in the background. No one is paying me any special attention, a great thing! They are going about their business. Special! These are only a few of the many pictures I have taken and the dresses I have tried on, from 2015 to 2018.


I really hit my stride this year, developing a wonderful network of volunteer opportunities and meeting so many unbelievable people!

I never have and never will take a more touching picture. Thank you ladies!! Me and the girls from La Cage aux Folles.
Attended a fundraiser, knew no one walking in the door, made many new friends!


2018 was quite a year. I had a very hard time narrowing the best for our purposes here. I wish I could post all the photos of me with others, what memories!

More coming soon!!