Kandi Robbins

Chief Executive Blogger

Kandi is a wonderful writer and looks pretty cute in the right dress! She struggled for almost 50 years with all of this and once she realized the beauty and wonder of being a woman, she was all in! She is married to the Angel Known as her Wife with two wonderful (grown) daughters. She is one very lucky girl!

She spends her free time shopping, running, writing this blog, running, working, writing this blog, running, volunteering and generally trying to be an example to our community.

In all honesty, I am blessed to have realized the inherent joy of being a woman and to have the love and support of those in my life. I will do my very best to support girls like myself as I understand both the struggle and the wonder.

Be smart, appropriate, confident and visible!

Dee (aka Sun-Dee)

Your Sunday Hostess!

Dee is a long-time aspiring CD and became an active CD beginning October 2016. She’s managed to have fun, make friends, and acquire a suitably large wardrobe in those four years. Besides frequent outings in the St. Louis area, Dee has also enjoyed road trips to Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco. She’s also treasurer for the St. Louis Gender Foundation.

Her lesser half is a retired professional who enjoys participant sports such as golf and tennis, watching professional and college sports, volunteers as a high school tennis coach, and competes in shorter distance triathlons and running events.

Dee is thankful for those girls who shared their stories over the internet, which gave her courage to get out and about–and hopes her stories encourages others to do the same.

Sherry Greer

Girl About Town

Ever since I was young I knew I was different. I started dressing at an early age by borrowing my sister’s and mother’s things when home alone. I’m sure that’s no different than most of us! As the years progressed I continued to dress and experiment with different looks but all in the comfort of my own home. Approaching my 50th birthday I knew I needed more and that’s when Sherry walked out the door for the first time!

The four years since that cold January day have been filled with varying emotions but all have made Sherry who she is today. Being Sherry has made me a better person, a person who is more passionate, sympathetic and loving to those around her, especially my wonderful wife of 30+ years.

As luck would have it when I reached out for support in the Cleveland area Kandi answered an email on a whim and we’ve been friends ever since! We even live in the same community and enjoy many of the same activities.

I look forward to contributing more to this blog and helping and giving support to whomever needs it. After all, if it wasn’t for Kandi and a couple others giving me support and don’t know where I would be today! I am here for you!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

Julie Slowinski

Part-Time Princess

Julie hails from Downtown Chicago and is married with two teenage kids. While most of her time is devoted to being a husband and father, a few times a month Julie emerges and makes every effort to Paint the Town.

While Julie has been crossdressing for over 35 years, her debut in public was less than 4 years ago – May 2017 to be exact. Seems she has taken to it like a fish to water, as she quickly transitioned from LGBT and trans friendly spaces to mostly mainstream activities; restaurants, museums, live music and theater, and of course shopping – oh does Julie love shopping. In addition to Chicago outings, she is able travel a couple times a year. Officially, these trips have a boy mode business agenda, but she is usually able to extend the trip to get in a few days of dedicated Julie time. 

In contrast to her boy mode alter ego, Julie is very much an extrovert. If out alone, she is not afraid to chat it up with random strangers. However, she is not usually alone as she is quite proactive about inviting friends, whether in-town or on travel. Meeting new people, especially online friends, for purely platonic fun is one of Julie’s favorite activities. 

As a contributor to Kandi’s Land blog, I would like to share my personal perspectives as a member of the transgender community – yes, I ascribed to the notion that crossdressers are solidly under the transgender umbrella. While most of my posts will be play-by-play descriptions of Julie time outings, hopefully we will get to the deeper topics of self-acceptance, dual life balance and challenges facing the CD community. Oh yeah, I’m also interested in sharing pretty pics – at her core, Julie is a world class narcissist. Sorry not sorry 🧚‍♀️

You can also read Julie at TG Forum, the link is on our “Links” page.

Tina Davis

Woman of few words and fewer outings

I have been dressing in female clothes for over 40 years, borrowing from my mother and sister at first, then buying a few things in male mode, but remaining inside with no makeup or wig. Only in the last 10 years have I ventured out of my house, starting by attending a few open houses run by a Massachusetts support group, the Tiffany Club of New England. The prospect of going out dressed remained scary until 2016, and since then, every opportunity has led to further outings and more confidence. I do not get many of those opportunities, as my wife and daughter do not know the extent of my wardrobe or the wonderful times I have spent as Tina.

I gravitate to dresses and heels when I dress, but I also recognize the need for blending in with other people. My style has always been businesslike and classic, trends are not something I stay up with too often. Shopping for myself is always fun, whether it is online or in person. Talking with the SA was nerve-wracking until I realized they were generally fine with selling women’s clothes to a man, whether I was dressed or not. Even buying makeup is more fun now!

I “met” Kandi via a forum-based website for CD/TG/TS people, and I immediately felt a kindred spirit with her. When she started this blog, I kept up with it daily, then contacted her about one of her more thoughtful posts. Eventually, I started writing for posting as well.  My posts may be infrequent and not as deep, but each one of us has their own experiences and journey to discover. I hope everyone who needs support and examples of living as one’s true self finds it here on these pages. Hugs to you all!

Jocelyn Johnson

Our International Correspondent

Jocelyn Johnson is a crossdresser from north of the Great Lakes. She “dressed” for a few years when she was in her thirties. Always going out in the evenings under the cover of darkness, but thoroughly enjoying the thrill of being a woman. She never did much in-house dressing; the need was always to be showing off in public, but with the dichotomy of not being noticed. Unfortunately serious doubts forced “the purge”.

As Jocelyn grew much older (late 60’s) she began seeing on the internet many people crossdressing. YouTube videos by hundreds if not thousands of crossdressers, or Tgirls, brought back the strong urge to present as a woman. Seeing blogs discussing their journey gave Jocelyn the final incentive to come back to life. Of course Kandi’s Land was very inspirational, and so was Stana’s Femulate.

Ms. Johnson has a very limited wardrobe. To her, it is the joy of being out during the daylight hours just being the woman she is. Hopefully some of her adventures and thoughts will bring comfort and joy to “our world”.

Stephanie Julianna

Our Historian

My name is Stephanie Julianna and I have loved to dress femininely since 1956 when I was 7 years old.  I dressed in private until I was 30 years old when I had a makeover by the Legendary Lee Brewster of the Stonewall Movement fame.  I left his Mardi Gras store on 10th Ave. between 41st and 42nd Street in NYC dressed in a pretty blue and white dress and heels wearing a wig and full makeup, entering the real world for the first time as a complete person. I never looked back and have navigated both crossdressing venues as well as mixing with the general public as Stephanie ever since.     

I have met and become friends with so many amazing “girls” over the years and truly believe that I am a better person since I have accepted and embraced my feminine self.  I hope that any contributions to Kandi’s wonderful blog will entertain and encourage others to realize that their love of the feminine is a gift to be nurtured and cherished.    Kandi and I have been part of a mutual admiration society until we decided to pool our positive attitudes here to support her readers and maybe even help them achieve the level of happiness and pride we share in being the ladies we love to be when we can.  Hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

Nora A. Simone

My Big Sister and Special Contributor

Nora A. Simone is a happily married bi-gender MtF cross-dresser. Her shape-shifting art form centers on presenting the appearance of a vibrant modern woman who enjoys life.

As an author, Nora’s writings include celebrity interviews, fashion, photography, health, law, and even a cookbook. She’s been a cover girl, calendar girl, runway fashion model, and the subject of a published fashion look-book. Her resume also includes experience as a private jet air-hostess, personal trainer, magician’s assistant, dance instructor, professional boxing ring girl, and TV weather reporter. Though an animal lover, she says “man’s best friend may be a dog, but diamonds are this girl’s bestie.”