Top 10 R & B/Soul Songs #7

Dazz by Brick.  I just love this song, the beat, the groove, very well done and so memorable for me.  This is the best funk you’ll ever hear!

Dazz, if you don’t know, is a combination of disco and jazz.  They also had a hit with “Dusic”, disco music.  They didn’t come up with anymore word combinations, so that was pretty much it for them.


Top 10 Joyful Experiences #2

My first “job” interview, May 19, 2015.

I hardly recognize this girl!  I knew I needed a better way to get out so my volunteering career started.  I sent a few e-mails and a wonderful woman at the Salvation Army had an interest in this unpaid office girl.  She, of course, wanted to meet me first and I took it seriously as a job interview.  We immediately hit it off and I worked for her for about a year and a half until she moved elsewhere due to some poor management there.  I went there every week, had the opportunity to dress as any woman would going to the office and was treated with respect and as a lady every time.  It was an eye opening experience for me and the basis upon which I have built my female life.

Dee and Me – Day One

Through one of the more popular CD web sites, I met a wonderful woman from St. Louis who I have that rare connection with.  I have talked before about the fact that we are all so very different, all from different parts of the spectrum, all like our “girl” time differently and/or are on the road to becoming women.  As such, I have had difficulty making any real sustaining friendships within our community.  Dee and I are about the same age.  We share a passion for competing (she’s WAY better that I am), love sports and well, you know what else…..  She is in town for the 2018 USA Triathlon National Championships and reached out to me to be her escort to some of the sites and to enjoy some girl time doing so.


On what turned out to be a beautiful summer day, I was feeling like going cute and thought I nailed it with this outfit!  I worked a shift at the science center prior to getting together with Dee as she was out exploring one of our local malls.  I don’t know what it is, but sitting at that information desk, the hub of all the activity, makes me feel special.  I met the most delightful woman from the UK, who had actually did some graduate work here in town, did her a favor and just had the best conversation that left me grinning bigger than usual.

After my shift, Dee met me at the science center and we headed to my new favorite restaurant where my new friend was tending bar.  Dee and I talked about all sorts of things, got to know each other and I know I had a great evening overall!


Here we are after enjoying a wonderful dinner, my darling friend behind the bar and conversation while getting to know each other.  We’re are going to the Rock Hall and dinner on the second day of her visit.  I’ll certainly be telling you all about that.

A New Friend

So this wonderful local lady reached out to me on my Flickr page to introduce herself.  She has me by a few years and is transgendered.  I’ll respect her privacy and refer to her here as “D.D.”  On the day I am writing this post, we had an extensive, supremely informative and comfortable, phone conversation.  Many things I think I though were confirmed, many things I didn’t know, I now do.  Time well spent.

She made a point to me that I knew, but she drove it home as it relates to all of “this”.  The internet.  It has brought about a sense of community, a knowledge that we are not alone.  My little blog, with its’ three readers, is on that world wide web thing.  While there is quite a bit about the internet I detest, I do love how it has helped our community.  We are a community, please don’t ever forget that.  If we don’t lean on each other, don’t help one another, how do we move forward?

D.D. is a doll!  She described a lifetime of struggle, questioning, not knowing, finding out, understanding, learning, seeking help, making adjustments, getting comfortable and now being in a good place.  Loving who she is.  On that grand spectrum, we are on different points, but we both understand who we are, what we have and how lucky in many respects, we truly are.  She is a light coat of makeup and out the door.  Me and the time sponge, requiring a sand blaster, spackle and a paint roller to get in decent shape, takes way too much time.  She goes out.  I create a whole event.

D.D., here’s to you my friend!  Keep being wonderful (yes, I borrowed that).


My inquisitive friend Linda asks: “What is it specifically that gives you so much joy presenting as a woman in public?”

Before I answer this question, I need to make sure you understand, before October 2014, all of this was hell.  Urges.  Self loathing.  Disgust!  Okay, now fast forward to now.  Pure, unbridled joy and happiness.  So, why?

First off, literally doing things I never dreamed possible.  I put on a beautiful dress, do my makeup, strut in heels and never, ever, think twice about doing so.  Joy.

While I never, ever “pass”, I am pretty!  I look good in a dress.  I am cute!  Joy.

Out in public over 400 times.  Zero negative experiences.  Acceptance.  Joy.

Hugs from total strangers.  Smiles as I pass by.  Friends I never dreamed I could have.  Joy.

Extended conversations with total strangers.  Not one single mention of my attire.  Joy.

Being somewhere and being recognized by some one from another place.  Joy.

Heels.  Dresses.  Cute skirts.  The perfect outfit.  Complements.  A great world we live in.  Joy.

Pride.  Love of self.  Being me.  Joy.

Being a man.  Being a woman.  Loving the woman I am.  Joy.

Purses.  Shoes.  Necklaces.  A dangling bracelet.  Earrings.  The perfect lipstick color.  Joy.

The Cleveland Museum of Art.  MOCA.  The Great Lakes Science Center.  North Coast Men’s Chorus.  Mercury Theatre Company.  Weathervane Playhouse.  Joy.

Being who I am.  Being who we are.  Meeting others with these feelings.  Joy.

There is NOTHING better than being a woman.  Yes, being a real woman comes with difficulties.  I understand that.  I have lived almost my entire life with woman.  I admire them.  My wife.  Our daughters.  Joy!


Sunday, Lovely Sunday

My poor take on the great U2 song.  This day started early as I had to clear the bathroom for my wife to get ready for work.  I went with what I thought was a perfect church outfit on a blisteringly hot day.  A beautiful Ann Taylor skirt, neutral top and a lovely necklace with matching earrings.  My day stared off very nicely.

I stopped at a local coffee shop, enjoyed my coffee while quietly reading.  Then I headed off to services, where as always, I renewed friendships and felt the complete love of the congregation.  There is nothing better than greeting someone, looking them right in the eye, smiling broadly and wishing them a good day and often thanking them for a complement.  I get to do that frequently on Sundays.

I then went over to the art museum, had some lemonade and continued reading in this spectacular space.  Finally, I ushered the matinee at Mercury Theatre.  We had a packed house and not much help, so I was happy I was there to help and was also happy when finished.  The early day had me a bit worn out!  Then we returned the dog!  I love that dog (I generally do not like pets, too much work), but his hold on me drives me crazy.  I hate leaving him alone.  If we could have a dog for like four days a month, I’d be happy.   Total responsibility, too much.  We raised two great children, that’s enough!!