Hey Kandi: Your pictures are great.  Are they selfies or do you have a photographer at home?


The significant majority of my photos taken at home are selfies.  I have a small flexible tripod for my iPhone and a remote.  I pick a spot in the house and a camera angle and snap a few different poses.  I also take a few closeups.  My wife has occasionally taken pictures for me as well.  But since I usually go out when she is at work, that option is not often available.

When out and about, I often look for other photographic opportunities.  If I am at an event, I’ll usually go up to a friend and inform them that they are my personal photographer and ask them to snap a few.  Or I may find an isolated area, set up the tripod and snap a few more.

At the end of the evening, photos are categorized.  I do not keep all of my pictures.  I select the best closeup and save it.  I select the best posed, full outfit shot and save that.  They are identified by date and activity.  Then if there are any other pictures worth saving, that is done as well.  All photos are cropped as needed and saved in the same pixel sizes for continuity.


A Shot Horse…..

A little health update.  First off, I am healthy as a horse in general, in much better shape than most my age.  I am not looking for and will not accept any sympathy on this.  I am sharing it with you because it will have an effect on my mood and my activities, both male and female.  I am currently on the shelf from running.  I finally went to the doctors (yes, plural) and a physical therapist and can only do low impact cardio.  I have achilles tendinitis.  I have no pain, but I simply cannot walk with my normal gait nor can I run with any speed whatsoever.  I will be rehabbing and we’ll see what happens.

So, funny story.  The orthopod was telling me I need heel lifts so I asked if it was good for me to walk in heels.  Now while you may think that was an unusual question, I was sitting there with my socks off and my bright red toenails.  A complete noniusse by the way.  Yes, it ends up that it is!  I had told my wife this weekend that while wearing heels I was able to walk with a completely normal gait.  So I am now going to get dressed and head out the door for some “heel therapy”.

Nothing is torn, no surgery or prescriptions are necessary.  My plan going forward, once rehabbed, is to stop the short races as they are sprints and I am too inflexible for those over the long haul.  I want to avoid doing anything serious to my legs.  I will then focus on distance races and manage myself accordingly.  No more 5Ks, I refuse to treat these as “fun runs”, I can just as easily run a 5K in my neighborhood.  Races are competitions, if there is a clock, then I am trying to beat it!

Look for my heel therapy blog soon, I just love the outfit I picked out to make me stop feeling sorry for myself!

My Sincere Gratitude

This silly little blog of mine has now logged over 70,000 hits.  So I want to thank the both of you for the 35,000+ hits each.  Okay, you know I’m joking.  This blog certainly isn’t the biggest out there, but it brings me great joy to share my feelings, my adventures, my continued amazement about how I am perceived and accepted.  I haven’t found a site like it.  Sure there are many CD sites, some are truly wonderful, some …well, you know.  But most tread into politics.  We are here to lift you up. show you what is great in the world.  Every day I delicately balance my joy in being Kandi with the tremendous blessings I have been given with that angel known as my wife and my “regular” life.  It has certainly been an interesting ride.

I will continue to be visible, to be “me”, unabashedly proud of who and what I am, while still keeping the secret with so many.  I am some mish mash of male and female, fooling no one and yet being either happily accepted or at the very least being left alone as I venture out in the world.  Four years ago, this was not even possible.  Could not even have been dreamed about.  But here I am, a proud woman/man, blogging away and some one is interested!

You all have my undying gratitude!  Thank you for welcoming me into your lives, even for a brief moment!

Don’t forget, your comments, your guest posts, your emails are all welcome.

Concert Weekend Part 2

As you’ve read, Saturday was a blast.  Sunday, a blast of heat!  Ninety degree temperatures dictating my activities for the day.  Short walks, stay inside.  We had a matinee performance.  I got this great peplum dress a while back and was looking for the opportunity to take her for a spin!  It’s funny, there is always one thing I tend to get complements on.  Yesterday it was my lipstick color.  Today it was the necklace.  I always seem to get complements on it every time I wear it.

As usual, I needed something to do to stretch my day a bit.  I have talked here at length about my church (Methodist).  Well our services were too early for me to have enough to keep me occupied until the performance.  So I decided to attended (Catholic) Mass at the Cathedral.  I got there early, as I really find it relaxing and cathartic to sit quietly in a dress in a quiet church.

So after Mass, I headed over to the theater and continued my hug-a-thon!  I am supposed to sell tickets for a wine raffle.  I sold very few tickets as many, many friends sought me out, pumped my ego with undeserved complements and chatted with me.  I am becoming more of a goodwill ambassador than a ticket salesperson.

All in all, it was a weekend that exceeded my high expectations.  I, as always, went wherever I wanted and was welcomed.  I did things and saw people I love.  And I had a great Father’s Day on top of everything.  Lucky, lucky, lucky…..


Concert Weekend Part 1

This weekend North Coast Men’s Chorus held their summer concerts at Cleveland’s historic Hanna Theater (where Tom Hanks got his start!).  Two shows, two opportunities to really step it up, enjoy being in the Playhouse Square district and as always, enjoy seeing and hugging many friends!  Saturday I was able to get all my tasks done in the morning and really spend the rest of the day getting ready and enjoying myself out and about before the evening’s performance.  So here we are all set to walk out the door:



I was really looking forward to wearing this adorable cold shouldered dress ever since I discovered it at Goodwill!  Not much to say about the outfit, the dress speaks for itself.  And that necklace, oohhhhhh……..



I received two specific complements on my lipstick color.  Both from employees at the theater.  The one that stuck with me the most, a doll of a young lady told me how she liked the color and how it tied in with my dress and accessories.  Well……that was what I was going for!  Both women got big hugs from me.  After dishing up that wonderful complement, she told me to keep being wonderful!  This world could use more wonderful people like that!



So before going to the theater, I of course, did some trolling around.  These are pictures taken in our historic Arcade as well as on the street directly opposite it, East 6th Street, where there are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs.  This girl is not shy about where she goes.



So while walking through the Arcade, they were preparing to host a wedding reception.  I looked across the way and saw a bridal boutique.  So I do a little window shopping and the owner invites me in.  We talked, looked at some beautiful gowns and she took the picture of me with one of them.  I actually recorded a testimonial for her (I hope I don’t scare off customers!).

Then I headed over to my favorite restaurant for dinner and a few drinks as I perched myself on a barstool.  Just another evening out, me being me, no one treating me any differently than anyone else.

The concert, as always, allowed me to renew treasured friendships, gather hug after hug, smile after smile and remind me how truly blessed I am.  The picture of me sitting on the stage was taken by an ebullient, upbeat and truly wonderful fellow volunteer, Helen, who is one of my handful of readers.  Thanks Helen!

Tomorrow, my Sunday……

Top 10 All-Time Favorite Songs #5

Drivers Seat, Sniff ‘n The Tears.

Sorry, I have no Sniff ‘n The Tears wisdom to spew here.  Know nothing about them other than that this is a perfect song.  A great beat, an earthy vocal, I just love it.  Another song from about the same time period (1979-1980), my freshman year in college.  There is no specific memory tied to this one, but when it comes on the radio, it gets turned all the way up.  When it shuffles up on my iPod, I listen to it quite a few times before I move on to the next song.  Love this song, always will.

Top 10 Joyful Experiences #10

Monday seems to have become Top Ten day here in Kandi’s Land.  This Top 10 list is not in any particular order.  I went back through my experiences from the first sighting of Kandi in early 2015 up through this past May.  These are outings and/or experiences I have had that really stuck with me, I think about fondly, cannot believe happened to me.  It really was hard coming up with only 10 because there are so many experiences, so many people, so many places that I adore, I value, I thrill to be a part of.

My first joyful experience was The King and I.  On February 1, 2017 I went to see this wonderful play at Playhouse Square.  But first a little back story.  I was working a North Coast Men’s Chorus concert in April 2016.  This wonderful human being, playing violin for one of the numbers, and I met and instantly became friends.  It ends up she is a world class violinist and I have seen her perform in so many memorable experiences.  The photo on the left was taken within a few minutes of our meeting and the one on the right was taken at a Cleveland Pops concert (yes, I look awful, I know).

So she was performing with the orchestra during the run of The King and I, as well as performing in the lobby prior to the show.  These are very favorite photos of me, what I wore that evening.

I started my evening at the Italian restaurant across the street from the theater.  I had a wonderful dinner, sitting at the bar, being treated like a lady and chatting with other patrons.   Then I went to watch my friend perform in the lobby.  I chatted up other patrons watching her and, as always, my attire was a complete non-issue.  I was sitting in the cheap seats and my friend was able to have the house manager upgrade my seat to within ten rows of the stage.

A memorable evening.  A wonderful friend.  A great show.  A spectacular dress!  A joyful experience for sure!!