Crown Girl – Part 2

By “Miss America” Sherry Greer

On January 27th I was finally able to go to my second session at Crown Studio with Heather. We had to reschedule a couple of times so I was SO excited to meet again! I was able to leave the house a little early and went to one of my favorite thrift stores. I casually shopped and made “small talk” with other patrons when appropriate. A teenage girl told me my boots were sooo cute! After spending about an hour in there I walked out with a tan lightweight top for $.75!

When discussing the session beforehand, Heather said she wanted to continue to work on my walking, diction, and go over my makeup routine. As I arrived Heather was just finishing up with another client so I waited patiently in the studio because they were in another area.

After they left I hung my dresses in the changing room and sat down with Heather to catch up on what has happened since my last session. We talked about my past few outings and future plans, how I feel when Sherry, and how my wife has continued to accept my other half more and more. I feel VERY comfortable talking with Heather and feel I can tell her anything. I told her how I feel more and more comfortable and confident being Sherry and when I am her I am mentally 100% woman. I want to totally pass and be viewed as “another woman” in the room. Wow… that was deep.

Before going into the studio I put on the olive dress I bought at Target. We started by reviewing the modeling poses and continued with new ones. She demonstrated them along with how to walk the runway. I walked behind her copying what she was doing. We took a break from that and sat down. She had me read some inspirational passages using my best female voice and making corrections where needed. She also looked at my makeup kit to see if I had everything I should have…I did! Next time she wants to do a full makeup tutorial. She then had me change into my blue dress I bought from We practiced more walking and she sat in a chair with her back to the mirrors and I had to walk towards her multiple times. The dress made me feel SO sexy and I went to a place of femininity I’ve never experienced. Every ounce of manhood was flushed away in a heartbeat. It was like I was having an out of body experience! All of these techniques she’s teaching me are for modeling which definitely interests me!

After the session was over we went to Vaccaro’s which is the restaurant/bar we have been to a couple of times and the reason I found the studio in the first place, Kandi had a Supper Club there. (Thanks, Beautiful). [You are welcome!] We each had a glass of wine and had a wonderful conversation about relationships. Our bartender was very nice and she recognized us from the last time. As we were leaving we both said we had a good time and hugged. Driving home I really reflected on the last few hours… what a day! Upon getting home I went upstairs and “tore down”. First thing I did when seeing my wife was give her a kiss and tell her I love her… I REALLY do!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

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