From Disappointment to Joy!

By Sherry Greer

As you may remember in my last post I talked about Crown Studio and how I was supposed to see the owner Heather. She was going to teach me about feminine movement and everything that goes along with being girly. Unfortunately, she had to cancel two hours before we were to meet because her father tested positive for COVID and she was around him. So…that was the disappointment.

Fortunately, she tested negative and dad is well on his way to recovery! Heather and I continued to text and came up with the Monday after Thanksgiving that worked for both of us. It was a horrible weather day with rain all day that was going to turn into a snow storm later that night and the following day (Yes, we did get about 13-14″ of snow! That’s Northeast Ohio).

I picked out my outfit accordingly wearing blue jeans with a mustard top and a tan fly away cover. I wore my brown below-the-knee boots and a shawl to keep warm. I actually forgot to take a picture!! Who does that?? As I was getting ready my wife was in our office working! I left the house about 11am and went to a local consignment store to browse. This store is in my hometown and I’ve always wanted to go in there. That is the first time I went to a store in my hometown. I almost bought a cardigan sweater but decided against it because I knew I would get a better deal at the thrift store I was going to next.

I then went to that thrift store and shopped for at least 90 minutes! This place has so much that you need that time. I found the leopard print dress, black jeans, and two sweaters for $5.60! Fortunately everything fit. When I got home I told my wife what I bought and of course she said jokingly that I didn’t need any more clothes! Upon leaving the thrift store I realized I still had some extra time so I traveled to a nearby mall close to the studio. Nothing really happened at the mall. I was just another woman shopping. I went to a few stores and in most the SA approached me talking about the sales and I chatted briefly with each, no funny looks from them, just natural conversation!

Now for the Joy!

I made my way to the studio and arrived about 10 minutes early (Yes Kandi, I was actually early!). I checked my makeup because I wanted to look my best. I brought two dresses and two pairs of shoes so Heather could pick. I also grabbed the items I just bought to get her opinion. Heather and I walked in together and immediately the connection that we started via texting continued! Walking into her studio I immediately felt a welcoming/inspirational feeling. As you will see from my pictures there are inspirational sayings stenciled on the walls. The girly girl feel was evident with pink in many places and chairs looked like high heel shoes. What a wonderful person. Heather showed me where to put my things and we sat down to get to know each other better. She asked me questions about where I want to go with Sherry. I really answered all her questions very honestly and accurately. After about 30 minutes of talking it was time to get dressed and to start the class. She loved the two dresses I brought but at the last minute I showed her the leopard print dress and she said wear that.

The lesson started with posing. She showed me how to properly hold my head, hands, shoulders and feet. We then progressed to walking. She made sure I placed my feet in front of each other in a straight line as I walked and had my elbows close to my body with my arms slightly bent with hands open. We moved on to properly sitting and facial movements such as smiling in various ways.

Throughout our time in the studio Heather took videos of me and I of her demonstrating the proper techniques so I could practice at home. The session lasted almost two hours but felt like 10 minutes! There is SO much to learn. She said I’m a natural and am better than many of the women who come in. She says I have the “look” and could model! I have never thought of that as a possibility but it is an intriguing proposition nonetheless. At least, I want to help her when she puts on shows. I also want her to come to Gina’s Salon when we restart our group that we started just before the shutdown in March. Heather is a model, pageant contestant, and actress. She is actually filming a Hallmark type movie with Dean Cain (Superman) as I write this!

After the session we went over to Vaccaro’s restaurant for a glass of wine. I needed to ask the waitress from Supper Club a question and she was meeting her boyfriend. We walked in with our outfits on that you see in the picture of us together. The bartender, Rosie, was wonderful and I felt amazing, natural, and fabulous sitting there as a beautiful woman! After my wine we hugged and said our goodbyes! What an amazing day, I can’t wait to continue my lesson!

Ladies, if you live near the Cleveland/Akron area and this is something you want to do I highly suggest you contact her. She is a beautiful person who wants to see happiness in people. Heather is on most social media, look up Heather Habura. Now onto Supper Club!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

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