Giving Back

By Sherry Greer

A fundamental need of all of us is to be supported in what we desire to do. When I first came out and searched for support I found it in a trans woman named Natalie as well as with Kandi. These two ladies showed me guidance and support (still do) that I am truly grateful for and has helped shape who Sherry is today.

A couple of weeks ago Natalie texted me saying she has been working with a trans woman who is just coming to terms with who she is and that she is very much in need of support and guidance. Thinking back to the help that I received I quickly asked if I could help with her. My wife was going out of town for a couple of days and I took the opportunity to meet her. After a few emails back and forth I decided to meet her for breakfast at a very LGBT friendly restaurant in the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland. This was the first time that she was out with any type of female clothing on. She dressed in a t-shirt, black tights, and black mules with no make-up or anything else remotely feminine.

We had a wonderful conversation, I did a lot of the talking because she is reserved. We talked about her story, my story, deportment, make-up, what her end goal is, and more but I think the biggest one… Confidence. That takes a long time to get but makes all the difference. Regardless of where you’re at on the gender spectrum you need to be happy and confident with the reflection in the mirror (remember my past post about the (Wo)Man in the Mirror).

As we were talking I felt myself become more confident because I wanted her to see that! I really enjoyed our conversation and want to help her blossom to be the woman she wants to be.

I scheduled a hair appointment for that day as well and asked her if she wanted to come with me. We got to Gina’s Salon and Wigs a little early, you might recall that Gina and I had an open house at the salon just before the COVID shutdown. We looked at the wigs and talked about styles, length, and colors. After Gina was done with her appointment I introduced my friend to her and she gave some pointers and told her to come in to try some wigs on, hopefully that will happen! As I sat in the chair getting my haircut the three of us chatted like women would at a salon. I know I gave my friend a lot to think about and hopefully I can help her more in the future. Later in the day she texted me to thank me for a wonderful time and even suggested about coming to the Supper Club.

Since my wife was out of town overnight I went out with Betty and Daphne from Supper Club the night before. I made reservations for the three of us at a restaurant none of us has ever been at. We got seated right away and ordered a drink but the place was so busy that food would have taken at least an hour to get. We decided to go to the same area where my friend Lori lives since it was close to where we were. This restaurant was not as crowded and there was live music playing. We decided to eat outside since the weather was so nice. There were multiple tables set up by the sidewalk and we could easily see people as they passed by. At no time were there any strange looks as we ate and enjoyed ourselves. We had a great conversation about many things female and made arrangements to go out again. I feel totally comfortable being Sherry and look forward to the next time I can get out!

Hope you like the pictures, the purple top was dinner and orange was breakfast and my wife bought me everything but the purple top!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

Kindness, pass it on! Pay it forward!

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