November Supper Club, Sherry Style

On November 11th I met Kandi and Annie for the Supper Club. It was supposed to be five of us but two people couldn’t come. As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot I parked in a spot right in front of Crown Studio (in Fairlawn, OH). On the storefront it said that the studio specialized in movement, etiquette and image consulting among other things. As I was reading this I couldn’t believe it, this is exactly the kind of place I’ve been looking for! As you may remember, I’m a very detailed oriented person who wants to pass as much as possible and I couldn’t wait to call to book an appointment. I was so excited as I walked into the restaurant! Annie and I walked in at the same time and found Kandi waiting for us and talking to a wonderful bartender.

We made our way to the table and ordered a drink from our equally wonderful server. We had an amazing time eating, drinking, and having a great conversation talking about a number of topics. The three hours seemed like 30 minutes! Time flies when women start talking! I asked if anyone was available on the following Friday and luckily both ladies were. We agreed to meet at a favorite restaurant of Annie’s.

So… the next day I made an appointment with the studio for the Friday before meeting for dinner. The owner Heather and I exchanged multiple texts and she asked me probing questions about what I want to accomplish, I sent her a few pictures and she said I was gorgeous with nice hair and beautiful coloring! I sent her my blog post titled The (Wo)Man in the Glass [which we will be rerunning soon, which Sherry doesn’t know until right now!]. I asked if she knew I was male before reading that and she said she didn’t! I also made a manicure appointment at a close by beauty school.

Friday came quickly and I arrived for my nail appointment at 11am and was taken right away. I could tell that my nail tech Michelle was nervous as she started trimming my cuticles, I told her to relax and it would be just fine! I mentioned my favorite poem to her and told her to be confident and she thanked me for that and said she would look up the poem. We talked about our Thanksgiving plans and I told her my son, his wife, and my parents were coming over. We talked about that she used to be a bartender but needed a change so that’s why she’s in beauty school. We talked about relationships and that she has an 11 year old daughter. She mentioned a friend that is rather promiscuous and isn’t a good role model for their daughter and I agreed. She said, “you’re a mom, you know how it is!” when being a good role model for your child.

She also mentioned that I have beautiful hands and I should have been on a Dawn dish soap commercial [I was thinking Palmolive, but I am aged]! I must say that I’ve had better manicures but the conversation was the most real one I’ve had. It was definitely two women talking about issues that are important to women. I can say with 100% certainty that she thought I was a cisgendered female! I left the salon about noon feeling amazing and SO looking forward to my appointment with Heather. I went to a nearby mall and did some window shopping until my appointment with Heather.

Now comes the disappointment… Heather texts me about two hours before we’re supposed to meet. The text starts out “So…I have a change of plans…” Noooo…turns out her dad just tested positive for COVID and she was around him so she needs to quarantine and get tested. Talk about disappointment! Obviously I texted back understanding and wishing everyone well. She said she was equally disappointed and that we would definitely reschedule. I did more shopping and went to a couple thrift stores until I met Kandi and Annie. In the one store I commented to a woman that I liked her boots and she replied “Thanks, I actually bought them here”. I spent $3 on a cream colored shawl to throw over my shoulders when chilled!

I walked in the restaurant to find my two BFF’s sitting at the bar waiting for their drink [Yeah, that Kandi is a lush!]. All of the workers knew Annie and our bartender, Kat, was a doll! She took great care of us and another worker was wonderful and took our food orders. At no time the entire day was my attire an issue.

The three of us sat there for 2 ½ hours talking and having a great time until Kandi had to leave. After [we got rid of Kandi] Annie and I continued talking for almost two more hours! It really felt natural and I really enjoyed my entire night. Annie asked me questions about my dressing and I was really honest with her. I have (Kandi has also) developed a great relationship with Annie and feel like I am a girlfriend to her! We left just before 10pm because that’s when our governor who issued a curfew says we lose our glass slipper and turn into a pumpkin. I look forward to the next time out and definitely look forward to meeting Heather. Hope everyone is well and Happy Thanksgiving [a few days ago, but the Thanksgiving week posts were already written]!

Stay beautiful-Sherry

[Editorial comments by yours truly….]

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