Sherry’s September Supper Club

By our Girl About Town, Sherry Greer

September 14th marked another supper club dinner. Since I had to work all day I rushed home to get ready for the night. I made sure I picked out my outfit and did any prep work I could on Sunday. The blouse I picked out my sister purchased for me on and the skirt I bought at one of Kandi’s favorite consignment stores. My wife was home as I was getting ready just like she has been the last three times. It’s been amazing how supportive she has become. I know it’s very hard for her but her effort has not gone unnoticed. My friend Lori was going to come but had car trouble the day before. Since my top had silver and black in it I did my eye makeup to match, I really like to match my makeup to my outfit! I wanted to wear my natural hair so I pulled it back into a ponytail, used a matching hairpiece for more volume, and put a matching flower in it to add that girly touch.

Since my wife’s birthday was on Tuesday I needed to get her a card so I stopped at a Rite-Aid store before dinner. As I walked around the store I loved hearing the clicking of my heels upon the floor and the feeling of calm and comfort. I picked out the card and perused the isles a bit before paying. I was excited that my sister would be joining us for dinner. We went out together for dinner in January and she came to the open house that I helped organize at a local salon in March. She has been wonderful and is glad to have a big sister!

We both got to the restaurant at the same time so we walked in together. I almost fell flat on my face because I didn’t see the step I had to go up because my mask impaired my peripheral vision, now that would have been embarrassing! When we walked in Kandi and Susanne were already there. My sister sat next to Kandi and they immediately started talking and catching up from the day of the open house. It really made me feel good that my sister is so comfortable with our community. They talked like they were BFF’s!

Susanne and I talked until everyone else arrived. At last months’ dinner I met Betty and Daphne, they make a wonderful couple. Betty sat next to me and we immediately started talking. She is the founder of a local county LGBT group. We talked about educating people about the Trans community and also about me and how I got to where I’m at today. I opened up to her like we’ve been girlfriends for a long time, what a wonderful conversation. A new couple was there, it is nice to see how the supper club is evolving into an open and welcoming environment. Thank you Kandi! [You are VERY welcome!] The food and the rest of the night was wonderful, it just flew and seemed to end too quickly. I look forward to the next dinner, can’t wait! Hope you like the pictures.

Stay beautiful-Sherry

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