Tina’s Early Adventures Part 4

By Tina Davis

May 2-6, 2018 (part 2)

With my wife away for the weekend, the big deal for me on Saturday was going for my first makeover. I had made the appointment at Ulta on Friday, although I had a possible crisis when my wife called Friday night and told me that my daughter might come home from college (in Boston) to get a few things for her senior week and graduation later that month. It would have meant cancelling my appointment to pick her up at her job, come home, then back to school. I texted my daughter late Saturday morning to find out, and she told me because of her projects and exams, she couldn’t spare the time to come home. Crisis averted!

So I went to Ulta, was greeted warmly by the MUA (actually the salon manager), and I sat in the salon where at least three other women were getting their hair done, with mothers and friends all around. No one gave me a second glance, I was just another woman getting her makeup done. The MUA was wonderful, she drew perfect eyebrows, actually applied false eyelashes to help with my hooded eyes (which I had failed at several times before), and gave me a beautiful look that I was extremely happy to see in the mirror. I asked her to take pictures for me, of course, as I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time!

With the makeover done, I went home to get dressed for meeting two other sisters from crossdressers.com at the Tiffany Club. I put on my new blue floral sleeveless Calvin Klein dress from Dress Barn, my favorite 4″ black stilettos, and a thin black cardigan sweater (for night travel as it would get cooler). I drove to TCNE and met the ladies, they are both beautiful. We sat and talked with the other TCNE members at their open house for almost 3 hours. The three of us had all been there before, just not at the same time. It was great to meet them both, and we’ve stayed in touch with each other in the two years since.

Sadly, I had to go home, but I spent some time taking more pictures (into early Sunday morning) before I had to strip off everything (makeup and nail polish included), and pack Tina away for a time. But I thoroughly enjoyed the days that I got to dress. This journey took a surprising turn for me over the three years from 2016-2018, and I am much more comfortable with myself and my presentation to be able to get out and interact with people. Thank you Kandi and all the readers of this blog who have shown me how to get over the fears and just go out!

My sincere pleasure! I am sure the readers were happy to hear a different voice.

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