Tina’s Early Adventures Part 3

By Tina Davis

May 2-6, 2018 (part 1)

I dropped my wife off at the airport Wednesday morning, hurried home, and pulled out my duffel bags from their hiding spot. I quickly got dressed in a forest green top with a silver necklace, new Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in silver grey, and black Christian Siriano flats (no hose as it was 90° F!). I had left my wig for cleaning the previous week and needed to go pick it up from the wig shop. I did some light makeup and tied a silk scarf around my head to hide my baldness. I had hoped to get there to have time for wig shopping as well, but the traffic was horrible due to a major accident near the exit I needed. So I wound my way through the back roads and only picked up the wig. I put it on in the car, then drove back home with a lot less worry. Later that night, I went out to Walgreen’s for a new mascara and lipstick, then stopped at a convenience store for lottery tickets. No issues whatsoever, as I deliberately made an effort to talk with the cashiers.

Thursday, I put on a fuchsia top, grey skirt and black Siriano 4″ pumps (again, no hose due to the heat in New England). I went to the nail salon I had visited before for a manicure with a bright fuchsia color, then I went shopping fully dressed! I did put my flats on again for shopping, as I didn’t know how much walking I could do in the heels. In Dress Barn, the SA immediately greeted me and started a changing room with my name (!) as soon as I picked out one Calvin Klein dress to try. I ended up with three dresses (2 CK, 1 Roz & Ali) to try on. The coral CK was a size 14 and felt just a little big. The blue floral CK was a 12 and fit like a glove, so I bought it (on sale for $39.50). The Roz & Ali size 12 didn’t come close to fitting, and they didn’t have a 14 to try. I also got unsolicited compliments from both the SAs and another customer on the CK dress I ended up buying.

Then I went to Famous Footwear, an off-price shoe store like DSW. I went straight for the clearance racks to just browse the 9 1/2. My eyes were drawn to a pair of black booties, and I’ve never been a fan of boots or booties before. So I tried them, they fit great, and then I saw they were Fergalicious Purge booties, retail $70, for $17. Sold! The fuschia top and grey skirt is what I wore all day.

Then, it was off to Kohl’s for more clearance rack shopping. I found tops, dresses, pants, and sports bras to bring into the changing room. The cute LBD has a chiffon overskirt and nice belt to cinch my waist. The striped top is a size medium and it drapes well. I also bought a sports bra with these two items and put back the rest. After all my discounts and Kohl’s cash, I spent just over $20.

After the shopping was done, I put the heels back on and went to a quiet casual restaurant for a late lunch, sitting at a high-top table with my legs crossed in a skirt, a heel hooked over the chair rung, enjoying a salad. I even went to the ladies’ room after eating and did my business in the appropriate manner (seated). No sirens, flashing lights, or angry bar patrons to be found. I even took some of the salad home, feeling more feminine than ever.

Friday, I put on a JLo cold shoulder top and GV jeans with the new booties and went to Macy’s and DSW. I didn’t find anything I liked in Macy’s, even in the clearance racks. There were lots of great shoes at DSW, but my budget wasn’t going to let me buy any more, and I had a delivery coming of dress sandals and a pair of western style booties. I called an Ulta north of Boston that afternoon and asked if they did makeup for TG women. They immediately said “yes”, so I was not feeling timid at all about making the appointment for Saturday afternoon before going to the Tiffany Club.

To be continued!

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