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Yeah, I know, we’ve seen this before…work with me here. I have to finish packing up the place!


This is us, the CD/TG community.  31 flavors, variations, different slants on the world.  Beginning with the obvious differences, in their basic definitions: CDs, we like women’s clothing, presenting ourselves as women.  TGs, wish to become and/or feel as though they are women. There are many other different varieties, non-binary, gender fluid, etc. You all know them and probably identify with one of them.

I’ll try to best explain my flavor.  I enjoy being dressed, looking stylish.  I am not hung up on a specific item or type of clothing, don’t seek to hyper-feminize myself.  For example, I love a stylish pair of heels.  I don’t seek to wear 4 inch stilettos just because they are ultra-feminine.  My presentation is designed for the mainstream world, that of a woman my age.  That is both because of who I am, my mindset and view of the world as well as how I enjoy my Kandi time.  For me, just going about the day (on an outing dressed), with little notice is the perfect day. That means I assimilated, blended if you will.  Practicality now trumps sensuality. I certainly enjoy the complements I receive.  Those are 100% acts of of kindness by strangers, but they are also an acknowledgement that I fooled no one.  Not a bad thing, mind you, just the reality.

There are so many other flavors.  Those that wish to shock.  Those that wish to stand out, to be noticed.  Those that want to cram every possible thing they can into an outing or evening out.  Those that never leave their houses, so dress in a fashion that they may not if out.  The tent here is a wide one and each slice or niche is very different than the other.  I tell many, just because I share a like of wearing women’s clothing with someone doesn’t mean we have anything in common.  I also wear men’s clothing and do not have anything in common with every man.

For many of us, it’s all about getting dressed.  When dressed, it’s still all about being dressed.  When you don’t or aren’t able to get out often, I completely get that.  But once you move beyond that, things change.  Many women I met early on in my journey are no longer on the scene or have moved on, evolved.  I have done that as well.  It’s not different than how a woman progresses in her life, it’s just a bit more compressed and then you find yourself, discover who you are and settle in to live your life.

I read on CD forums someone who thrills about having worn a bra.  Wants feedback on how an outfit looks (often in Icabode Crane fashion with a headless photo).  That is all part of our wanting to feel a part of something, to feel like a part of a community.  We all need that.  But we grow, evolve, move forward.

My flavor?  I’d describe it as Butter Pecan.  Really good, but very basic.  Not one of those flavors with fifteen different ingredients.  A classic.  I’m a step up from a simple Vanilla, but nothing fancy.  I know my place, stay in my lane, help and support within our community where I can, do what I can to help others and myself.

Will that be a single or double scoop?

Will we see you tomorrow at the new place?

4 thoughts on “Baskins-Robbins

  1. Love this column, Kandi. I would describe myself as butterscotch ripple. Mostly vanilla with a ribbon of sparkle. Blending outside but some fancy things for inside. Looking forward to the Grand opening. Are there prizes. LOL


    1. Frannie, first off, love you my dear!! I had a great plan for my first new post and simply could not get the window of time to execute it. So I went another direction and think it is really quite cool. The new place is going to be some much fun!! We are building something here!!


  2. you are really selling your self short. women compliment other women all the time so when you jump to the conclusion that compliment = being read-you are dead wrong sometimes? yes. most of the time-no


    1. Emily, I will respect your opinion, but believe me, I have been in front of tens of thousands of people having put myself in many very public places. I am always 100% read and always 100% accepted. Thank you dear for commenting. Join us tomorrow at the new place.


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