This is Why

I tell the following story not to complain or whine or embarrass anyone. I tell it to demonstrate why I still prefer flying solo.

February 26, 2021 – Between an on-going bathroom renovation and our daughter moving into her first house, Kandi has been set aside for a while. It had been two weeks since my last outing. But on this day, I made plans to get together with a friend. My day was to start with grocery shopping for my parents, a 13 mile run and then getting dressed, going to an art museum and then meeting my friend for dinner. But on my way to the grocery store, my phone rang. My truck had broken down. So I immediately had to arrange for a rental, arrange for a tow, get the truck serviced, run the route for our client as the other driver was stuck with the truck, arrange for a ride back to my car after I picked up the rental, let my Mom know I wouldn’t be there with the groceries until later and call our client with an update. But the first thing I did was let my friend know I might not be able to make it later in the day as I had no idea where the day would take me.

Long story short, within three hours I had resolved all my pending issues, still had to drive across town to get my car and do my parent’s grocery shopping. I was happy and let my friend know I was going to be able to go out as we had planned. But she had moved on with her Plan B and now my evening plans had been changed for me (I guess I am very easily replaceable as it was done rather quickly!).

Why did this happen? Is my friend a bad person? No, of course not. She had a window to get out and did what she had to capitalize on it (and she did apologize, having misread my warning as a cancellation). And this gets back to my point about going out with others like myself. She had a limited window. Even I drug circumstances into the equation. If you called me to go out and I wanted to, a minute later I could be out the door. Same call to Kandi and it would be 2 1/2 hours to get out the door. So I had to bake in prep time into whether or not I could get out as originally planned.

Because this is not who we are in the world (even if it is who we are at our core), everything has to be aligned. If I fly solo, I only need to worry about myself, sync up with me, no one else. Ends up I did go out, home in bed by 9:00 PM. She did as well, home at 2:00 AM. Another level to trying to maintain these friendships. She is a night owl, I am not. It’s even tough to sync up the times of the day on the days we can get together. I don’t want to be a wet blanket on an evening, but I simply have no interest in burning the midnight oil for many reasons.

So I texted my friend whom I recently met and am now playing pickleball with and met her and her husband for Happy Hour. All I can say is the evening was a treat! We are continuing to become very good friends.

The outfit was spur of the moment and a gem! The sweater picked up the day before (the fastest anything I have purchased got out in public) in a clothing exchange. The necklace, a $2 Dillard’s clearance special. The vest, $1 at a Volunteers of America thrift. And I debuted a new wig! I kinda like it…..

I was feeling especially girly when I got home, principally due to the long locks, and took the photo at left. I was a bit hesitant about showing it here, but you have seen me in a bikini before, so this isn’t all that risque.

4 thoughts on “This is Why

  1. I understand the pitfalls of going out with another girl like us, I too had to cancel on my friend recently and felt bad but it just was not going to work for me the day we had planned
    However like you I do go solo most times anyway and my friend does as well but having a girlfriend to go out with can be fun and special.

    Once again a great look, and you sure know how to find those bargains girl.
    I love the bra shot, it makes you more feminine in my opinion because it’s who we are under it all so to speak


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