Last Stop, Melbourne

A Dee classic!

By Dee (a/k/a “Sun-Dee”)

My time in Melbourne was ending and I wanted more Dee time. I had my new orange sundress to wear and wanted a chance to revisit my friends at Dangerfield. 

I was planning on going out once but my wife was doing things so I got out twice, once with her knowledge (quote: “don’t scare the little children” followed by “you scare me”) and the other without. 

The comment about scaring the children (and her) reaffirmed why I accept her request to “lie to her”, and go out without her knowledge. My wife is reasonably tolerant, but she would certainly prefer her husband wasn’t a crossdresser. I know my wife isn’t the only one who believes that. We didn’t choose to make our wives suffer (see Kandi’s post about Kimberly Huddle from a few weeks ago), but dressing is something I’ve wanted to do for over 50 years, so I go out to help me stay sane. (And if you are wondering, no, she doesn’t know I post on Kandi’s blog).

The first time out was a Friday afternoon. I had an opening for about four hours, enough to get dressed, catch the train downtown, and return. Just enough time to hit Dangerfield downtown. This time Amelia and Lana were working. My prior visit I had left some fishnet socklets for Amelia, because when I put then on to wear to the New Pornographers concert she asked “where did you get them?”. I have learned this means in girl talk “I want those” and she made a frowny face when I answered that I bought them in America. Putting two and two together, I quickly figured out I could always buy another pair in the US, and giving my pair to her would likely make her happy (yes, it did). 

Of course, I had to ask when Amelia would have the chance to wear them, as her preferred choice of footwear (from what I had seen) was Doc Martens boots. She answered that she did have some Doc Martens half-boots, as well as one pair of heels. I told her she owed me a picture of her in heels with my socklets…..

As usual, there was more stuff to try on. I liked a few things but ended up buying a bright blue cardigan that was on sale for half off. It was time for pictures with Amelia and Lana, and a few goodbyes and promises to return in 2021 (my wife is Australian, and as I’m retired, I spend about two months from mid-January to mid-March in Melbourne).

My second time out was the following Sunday (“Sun-Dee”). As my wife was going to be gone from around 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and she knew I was going out, I wasn’t as rushed. I even painted my toes, as I would be wearing my wedges, and sloppy or not, I like having painted toes.

My destination was the Dangerfield outlet shop called “Clear It” which was the normal Dangerfield/Princess Highway/Revival brands plus other brands (one high end, the other leisure wear), located in the suburb called Brunswick. I had been there before in boy mode (including with my wife the Monday before), but never as Dee.

The travel included both a train ride and a tram ride (Melbourne is famous for its trams). I was surprised how many people were on the train for a Sunday morning at 10:30 AM; I had to stand. I have learned just to deal with crowds. Yes, I assume they know I’m a guy in a dress. No, I’ve never had a problem. 

I arrive at the store, and the SA says she loves my dress (the Princess Highway cat dress I had bought previously) and another SA says she has the same pattern in a top. I picked out things to try on (I had scouted the store when my wife and I had been there earlier in the week), and eventually decided to buy a dress (half off) with a belt. I had tried it on about a month before, and liked it. The dressing room mirror said “Treat Yourself”, so I did. That brought my tally up to three Princess Highway dresses and two cardigans (one Dangerfield, the other a Revival) for my trip down under. I don’t really need more clothes, but I have a hard time saying no.

After buying the dress I found a Mexican restaurant for lunch. They had frozen strawberry margaritas and although I’m not much of a drinker, I couldn’t resist (although mixing alcohol and wedges is not a good idea). I took the tram back downtown, walked around a bit, but was pretty well shopped out. I walked through an arcade that features a clock fixture call Gog and Magog, and managed a selfie. I finished at the downtown Dangerfield store, hoping Lily was in (no), said my goodbye to Katie, and headed home.

I return to the US with new additions to my wardrobe and fond memories. Thanks to the staff at Dangerfield for both. See you soon.

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