🤫 Shhhhh….. Supper Club, Stealth Style!

The Supper Club has gone underground, invitation only. No more casting a wide net. No more posts on Erie Sisters, CD.com, here and wherever else I could. Now I pick a date. Pick a site. Send a few emails out. Whoever can make it comes along for the fun and if not, I fly solo. And you all know, I don’t mind that!

February 10, 2021 – I was feeling the spirit of the time of year. Dinner Mardi Gras style! Outfit, Valentine’s Day! We met at the Bourbon Street Barrel Room, a little piece of New Orleans here in Cleveland. I dressed for a Valentine’s Day cover photo!

On a snowy evening, I enjoyed the company of Annie, Sherry and Jessi. There were two others that were supposed to come, but never showed. They were invitees of Sherry and things like this is why I stopped having a formal Supper Club. But they are friends and she didn’t seem surprised.

By the way Sher, we actually got together and did not take any pictures! Oh my……

The evening was delightful. Good food, great company and I left smiling all the way home. As I walked to my car, about a block away on a residential street, as snow gently fell, I was face to face with a skunk! We both went out separate ways, but I wasn’t expecting that!!

Not much more of a story here so we’ll turn to the outfit. I picked up this cute top at the NY&Co. liquidation sales and the skirt for a buck somewhere along the way. I knew this was the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, so I took an extended photo shoot at home before heading out.

Here we go!

4 thoughts on “🤫 Shhhhh….. Supper Club, Stealth Style!

  1. I realized when I got home that we hadn’t taken our usual group photo, we’ll have to take two the next time to make up for it! It was wonderful to spend time with you, as always, looking forward to seeing you again soon ❤️


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