Throwback 2015

Prior to getting the blog up and running, my becoming Kandi was in development, I was finding her feet.

Once I started down this road, one thing became very clear to me. I had to find something to do when out and dressed. Shopping, eating and drinking all the time was going to lead to problems, weight gain and bankruptcy!

So I sent out emails to a few charitable organizations and was able to land a “job” as a part-time office girl for The Salvation Army. Once a week, for about a year and a half, I went in for an afternoon and did whatever was needed. I made copies, updated spreadsheets, etc. and was treated very well by the other ladies there.

Here are a few of my early office girl outfits!

Hey, I was still learning! I had an aversion to going sleeveless. My wardrobe was in its infancy. My photography skills were very much lacking. Doing my makeup was still an adventure and evolving. I did and still do, suck at my hair. We live and learn…

6 thoughts on “Throwback 2015

  1. A very traditional feminine business look that reminds me of my working career from the early ’70’s to about the early 2000’s in observing the ladies. I worked until 2015 and in the post 911 era things became much more casual. It started with casual Friday and then eventually became all casual, all the time. It’s too bad folks don’t dress professional any more (dudes had to wear ties where I worked), but alas, all things change over time.
    Angel Amore


  2. I’m a fan of the red on black and vise versa.
    Curious question, did you say up front to the Salvation Army who you were?
    I think it’s awesome you are so comfortable doing that


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