January Supper Club – The Finale

January 13, 2020 – We had to scramble a bit due to what else, as our original location was unexpectedly closed. So we audibled and went to The Oak Barrel. It was a perfect spot. We were treated very well, addressed properly and had a great time with a few of my friends there. I am sad that I will no longer be doing this, but life is too short to keep banging your head against the wall.

Beforehand, I did an extended photo shoot, so here are some of my pictures!

I took this one in the ladies room and am still trying to figure out what the message is supposed to be. Any idea?

Fittingly, that necklace, worn for the first time, fell apart when I got home. Thankfully, I purchased it on super discount, so that is only three bucks down the drain.


Bonus Post: January 25, 2021 – Yesterday I worked. It was also near the end of the month, so the company I work for scales back purchases until the beginning of the new month. As a result, the last week of the month is usually filled with significant downtime. This was no different. And downtime means shopping. So I went into the mall and had two wonderful experiences. Now you have to remember, I am dressed for work, so I was wearing work boots, jeans, a black hoodie and a black fleece, my mask and a black winter hat. Not exactly very feminine.

As I may have recently mentioned, Dillard’s is in the middle of their semi-annual lingerie clearance sale. The sale progresses for a month. Initial markdowns hit at the beginning of the month and then about half way through everything is cut in half and the final few days there is an additional 40% off of that! So I stopped in and one of the SAs, who has seen me before and sold things to me as well, asked if I was looking for anything. I told her what I was doing, my annual stocking up during the sale. I browsed a bit and then she came over to see if I had found anything I liked (duh!). I asked when the 40% off sale would start and she said it was Thursday. We chatted a bit more and I promised I’d see her then! She simply talked to me, treated me like any other woman shopping, which of course I am. Lingerie is the one thing I wear 24/7/365, so I don’t feel guilty about this expense.

Then I went over to Charlotte Russe and bought a few adorable graphic tees, they are so soft, pretty and cute! I could not wait to get home and try them on! (Success!!) Again, the SA, who this time did not know me, treated me like any other female customer, which of course, I am. I asked her if they were exchangeable once I went home and tried them on. They were! There was zero pretense that I was making a purchase for any one but myself.

I found myself being completely Kandi during these exchanges, not intentionally, not even consciously, but I was. My voice softened, the flowery adjectives came out, my hands softened, I held a package I had on my wrist as if it were a purse. I was absolutely a girl in those moments. Heading back to work, I snapped back to myself again, not because of anything conscious, but that’s just how I am programmed.

The whole experience felt right. I’ve been going out now for over six years and I still don’t know if I ever made that mental switch as easily as I did on this day, grubby, male and all. I like that version of me.

As I wrote this (my wife was working late) I wore one of the t-shirts, a pair of my favorite leggings, a cute rose necklace and a pink sweater. I’m not going to lie, if I lived alone (and understand THAT WOULD KILL me), I would be this person almost all the time. But you get and you give. I get the angel known as my wife, I give this up as a full time pleasure. Good trade, but it doesn’t mean the other option (dressing all the time), isn’t attractive.

6 thoughts on “January Supper Club – The Finale

  1. Kandi,

    Yes Living alone has some benefits as far as 24×7 dressing., HOWEVER, it is so much better when you have someone to comment on that OUTFIT and the graceful manner of your walk, stance and sitting.

    It is a total joy when some of your CIS Gal friends come over for a visit and you are just one of the Girls.



  2. Great post again, I’m truly sorry though your supper club has go away, I know it was a great joy for you
    I’m sure though you will find something new.
    The being dressed or semi girl especially when at home is great I agree, however being alone stinks and I would trade my being home and dressed anytime for a real relationship and maybe never able to dress, I guess my priorities have changed with new perspectives
    Love ya Kandi


    1. Love you too!! No, as I stated, being alone would literally kill me because something bad would have to have happened. Supper Club and anything else involving trying to organize our people is simply a headache. Keeping the circle tight and we’ll still be going out, just with a smaller crew. No more open tent. The world is full of ungrateful people.


  3. Kandi, I know the frustrations of organizing things. Do you feel that sometimes you are the only one with an idea? Anyway I hope you enjoy your smaller group, they are often more rewarding. Maybe all of you can take turns deciding on the event.


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