Thank You Browns!

Even though years and years and years (you get the point) of losing sapped the passion I used to have for sports (along with the millennial attitude of the athletes), watching our Browns this year was interesting, fun and a wonderful diversion from the world we live in today. Plus they overcame, no excuses, a rare trait these days (especially for a team that previously was filled with prima donnas). Thanks for the memories this year!

Here is my photographic tribute to the team.

Hanging with some friends
Doesn’t look like I’ll play…..

Feedspot put out its annual Top 100 crossdresser/TG blog list. We didn’t make the cut. Neither did T-Central (a complete travesty). That is because we don’t pay for Feedspot, so we are not considered. Just so you know….

6 thoughts on “Thank You Browns!

  1. Nice post and yes it was nice to see new blood in this years playoffs
    Now if my Cowboys can ever figure out a way to be a success again
    I’m not holding my breath


      1. Yeah, but that predates him! You should read about the male imposter who actually got down there and cheered before getting caught. He actually did the same with an NBA team and got into the pregame layup line. It was, of course, some time ago, maybe in the late 70’s. But I digress…

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    1. Really? I stand corrected. You have been around a long time and are the standard for all of us! My blog does not exist without you. Not the last time I will be wrong about something.


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