Two Days in January – Day 2

January 8, 2021 – The centerpiece for this day was a sports massage at a Massage Envy managed by our friend Dawn, Sherry’s sister! I carefully planned all aspects of my attire since during the massage, I would not be wearing the entire outfit. This was me presenting myself as Kandi and being completely open about all that is me. Before we get started, yes, I now know I had lipstick on my teeth. Damn!

I started getting ready around 8:30AM and was dressed until about 4:30PM, good day. The only downside, a mask the entire time.

Stop No. 1 was Avalon Exchange where I sold a bunch of stuff and generated about $20 in cash.

Stop No. 2 was Designer Consignor, where I dropped off some more stuff. I was only there for a few minutes but the owner, he and his wife run the place, complemented my on how I looked. He always addresses me appropriately, using my given name when I am there as myself (which I often do) and as Kandi when dressed. A great guy!

I then hightailed it across town to Stop No. 3, Piece Unique. There I reinvested the $20 back into the economy where I spent just under that for 10 items! All high end labels. I cleaned out (okay, not quite) the 90% off rack. I got a blazer, a few dresses, and a number of cute tops and/or blouses. My Sunday afternoon before the Browns’ playoff game will be spent trying everything on. This is my new thing. Sell stuff and use the funds for new stuff, shrinking the wardrobe slightly each time. I get a bunch of new clothes and get rid of things. Plus I get out in public, interact with others and it costs me almost nothing. Fun, fun, fun!

Stop No. 4 was the liquor store to restock. I took it easy and am getting better at having that ONE drink.

Stop No. 5, Massage Envy. My massage was fantastic! It was a lower body sports massage and I think it did me some good. It was not a “relaxing” massage, it was me getting worked over and I needed it. My therapist had worked for the Cavaliers for a few years, so she knew what she was doing. Sorry Sher, there is not much more to the story except I understand you were surprised that I did this as Kandi. There is literally nothing (except very close to home as I never wish to embarrass my wife) I would not do dressed. I’ve been to the doctor dressed, had very minor surgery dressed and even went to traffic court (twice) dressed. Why wouldn’t I?

Stop No. 6 was to pick up our pizza for dinner. The Detroit style at Jet’s Pizza is to die for!

I was all over town, literally, and guess what? Complete comfort, me being me, no one caring a bit.

A good couple of days. Both mundane and spectacular.

4 thoughts on “Two Days in January – Day 2

  1. You know I’ve got to say you do amaze me that you do so many things dressed as Kandi, I mean sure I too have done so myself but your way of going about it with such ease is really awesome, yes I know 80s word.
    I think I prob would do more myself but these days I truly have to be motivated to go through the whole process and well these days I’m just not as much as I use to be.
    Love the look too my dear


  2. Kandi,

    It was such a pleasure to have you in for your session. I’m so happy to hear it did you some good and we can be a small part to getting you to your goals.


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