I’m Just a Girl

Title courtesy of No Doubt.

January 2, 2021 – The first outing of the new year and while it was delightful, it still had a 2020 feel to it. I started my day with an extended pre-outing photo shoot. I was very proud of my outfit on this day. The skirt was the centerpiece. The sweater was uber-comfortable and cost me all of about $2 at a recent Piece Unique 90% rack clean out.

I had quite a few things I wanted to do, but as is usually the case, something always comes up to distract me from my mission. No problem, just a time eating annoyance. Finally out the door we went and made the first stop at Best Buy. I needed a very specific battery for a key remote and after spending an hour the day before looking at seven different places, I decided to take care of it this day. Success!

Then I headed to Summit Mall, a frequent go to spot for me. I picked up a cute pair of dangling heart earrings and a pink bow broach at Macy’s. I did some lingerie shopping (but not buying) at a few places and then made one final stop at a boutique. My plan was to go to 4:00 Mass at a nearby church. I checked my watch and had plenty of time. Clearance items were marked down an additional 50% and I picked up a cute necklace and a wonderful little summer dress. Sadly I could not fit into the dress once I got home, so back she goes!

Once I checked out I realized my watch had actually stopped. I own a lot of inexpensive watches and when you buy inexpensive watches, they come with inexpensive batteries. I now had 20 minutes and a 20 minute drive to church. I arrived 2 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass. This was a church I had never been to before. Because of COVID protocols, there was only one entrance. Mass started a few minutes early and I walk in just to the right of the altar, right in front of everyone. The church was relatively small, but full or as full as they’ll allow these days. So I walked the entire length of the church, marble floors, my heels clicking, no open seats. I then had to walk half way back up the center aisle to find a seat. I could not be missed. And it didn’t matter.

No one paid me any special attention. The woman seated next to me smiled at me during the sign of peace (I could see it despite her mask). The church was so beautifully decorated for Christmas and was just beautiful on its own. It was one of those throw back, gorgeous, ornate churches. Due to social distancing, leaving the church through the one entrance was a process and during that process, I was simply treated like any other lady. I turned zero heads. This was my fifth different church I have attended since I decided to give up on waiting for my church to reopen.

My final stop was the highlight of my plans, dinner at Vaccaro’s Trattoria (a Supper Club spot). Unbeknownst to me, they were closed for the holidays. Damn! I shot over to a little Italian café I like and walked in. I was the first customer. In what seemed like less than a millisecond, I had an instant and immediate connection with Hannah, the bartender. She was an absolute doll and we got on like we had known each other for a while. A lot of “honey” and “girl” references. Yeah, I kinda like that….

She made me a few of her specialty Cosmopolitans and I enjoyed my dinner. It was a delightful time! And, I made a new friend! And I was entirely comfortable. And I wish that dress fit! I’m just a girl….

Tipping Point: What was your tipping point, the moment you decided to go out, to embrace all of this. Listen, we ALL struggle with it at some time in our lives. No one accepts it immediately, no one. So what did it? When did it happen? What did you do about it? Tell me. Leave a comment or contact me directly through the “Contact” page.

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