Pizza Delivery

November 7, 2020 – Okay, there is no question I am getting desperate for outing opportunities. The day before this, I went grocery shopping. On this day, my outing was to pick up a pizza. My wife worked late, so I thought I would treat her to her favorite pizza.

Now in my defense, we have a favorite pizza, a Detroit pan pizza. The chain that has the best has a handful of locations around town, none closer than a 30 minute drive for me. So I did have to go out.

I had a busy day, working out, playing pickleball, taking Dad to dialysis, cutting the grass, getting ready to go out (sans makeup, of course) and then picking Dad up. I got back home, did my makeup and got ready and out the door pretty quickly.

I had only one other stop in mind, a clothing store much like a Plato’s Closet. I had a few things to sell to see how they work and if I could use them to sell clothing in the future. I get there and find out they only buy so many clothes each day and I was too late. However, it was also dollar day there. Literally almost the entire store was for sale for a buck!

So about 45 minutes later, for just under $11, I walked out with three jackets/coats, two sweaters, a hat, a t-shirt and three dresses. Ten items of disposable clothing, all of which I loved! I then placed the pizza order and headed out the door.

A cute top, perfect complementing necklace and a comfortable khaki skirt made for a lovely evening.

I picked up the pizza, which took longer than they told me. So I stood there with many other people coming and going and no one paid me any attention. I then headed home, tried on a few things and my wife came home. Yes, the pizza (and I also had wings) was excellent! We watched the Buckeyes game and a bit of the Rock Hall Inductions and I called it a night. Got to get up early to go out again! What I won’t do to get out…

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