Sunday Night Walk (and Flashback)

By Dee

At our dinner at my house the previous week my GG friend Michelle brought me a bottle of wine and a pair of her “Pink” shorts I had tried on previously.  She said we needed to go walking or biking together (unfortunately, yet to be arranged). But I had the shorts, it was a nice evening, so I decided to put together a walking outfit and go out.

Back in late March I had been out for a Dee walk at Bellevue Park, across the street from where I grew up. As a kid, I spent countless hours in the park with my brother and friends, playing sports, fishing, ice skating and sledding, being boys and having fun. I decided I needed to take a return visit and try to recreate some of the shots I had taken five months before, when it was decidedly colder.

There were a few more out walking this summer night than there had been on that cold March day. I felt a bit self conscious but nothing I couldn’t handle. I didn’t sense any negative reactions (and never have had any to date).

As I did in March, the memories of my youth and the times I spent in the Park came flooding back, and brought me happiness. 

Now I am making modern memories, getting out dressed as the other side of me.

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