Pre-Shopping Photo Shoot

This was the first time dressed since I learned how to properly wear and maintain a wig. I wore a wig cap (never did before, should do), I seated the wig on my head properly, which I clearly was not doing so before.

The dress was recently picked up for $5 at Forever 21. The cute little heart necklace 80% off at NY&Co. The big, dangling heart earrings, also from NY&Co. Yeah, a little young for me, but I was simply adorable! And so comfortable.

I got a little playful here, which I would not have done in public.

It was pleasantly cool this day, so I added the denim jacket and was very happy I did. The back of this dress shows quite a bit of my back (it is basically open on the inside of my bra straps and band) and would have presented logistical issues had I not worn the jacket. It looked great at home, but over the course of a day being out, my broad shoulders would have made keeping things together difficult.

I wore the hat in the mall and at Stein Mart. I may not be the prettiest girl around, but I am certainly the happiest. A good day, indeed!

This photo didn’t make my original cut when I went through everything and decided what to keep. But it absolutely sums of my feelings this day.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Shopping Photo Shoot

  1. Kandi Girl,

    DRESS IS CUTE and these photo reminded me of a comment you make a dew days back.. You said one of your favorite SAs beieve Nordstrom (not sure0 Showed you the SECRET to properly (Superbly) presenting your GIRLS.

    IS there any way you might share that particular secret ?? Pretty Please/

    LOL Marie Anne Greene


  2. I’ve tried a wig cap, but it’s either too tight on my head or the wig slides around more. So I go without, and it works okay for me.

    That dress is so cute, you’re very daring to wear it off shoulder for a few pictures! Pairing it with the jean jacket and sneakers makes it perfect for a casual day out and about.


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