Total Immersion

September 11, 2020 – I wanted to be totally immersed this day. Just relax, allow myself to be a woman, to try and not think as I usually do (my mind is usually all male however I am dressed), all afternoon. Just be who I am now, me, Kandi, a female, a girl, a woman. Proud and feminine.

Our daughter was home visiting for a week, the first time since Christmas we have seen her in the flesh. That has, of course, shut down all Kandi activities. But the reason for her visit was to attend a wedding in Columbus (we live in Cleveland). So I spent my morning playing pickleball, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn and waiting for her to leave. Once she departed, I pulled everything I needed out and got about my transformation. It took a few hours and I was so pleased with the result. I had originally planned an outdoor photo shoot somewhere, but decided to do so at home. It gave me some freedoms I would not have in public.

My first stop was Stein Mart, me continuing to troll a few on-going store liquidation sales. This particular store is only about three miles from our house, but with masks, I felt (and was) comfortable do this that close to home. I looked at everything, looking for great bargains. I considered bras, lingerie, dresses, tops, etc… Just a woman shopping. Happily, I found nothing of interest at the right price.

I then headed to a favorite restaurant in Fairlawn, about a 40 mile drive. I am friends with one of the waitresses and am apparently known there. I hadn’t been there in over a month and that was the only time all year. I walk in and am greeted by name by the bartender. They have a square U shaped bar and I sat dead center at the bottom of the U. I chatted up the bartender and ordered my drink and dinner. Over the course of time, a couple sat immediately to my right, another couple sat to my left near the top of the U. A single gentleman sat halfway up the U on the right and two ladies sat at the top of the U on the right.

My attire, no issue whatsoever. Over time I naturally began conversing with the couple to my left, they actually started things. A sort of commentary on the times. As I finished my dinner, the couple to my right and I started a rather lengthy conversation, talking about their family, grandchildren, etc. I talked about my family. Simple, natural, my attire not mentioned, I simply forgot how I was presenting, just being me. Damn, that was special!

The conclusion of my day, with no real agenda, was spent at Summit Mall, particularly at Macy’s and NY&Co.’s on-going store liquidation sales. At Macy’s I was able to pick up a great watch, a darling script “K” broach (I have a thing for “K” jewelry) and another pretty ring. All marked down significantly. Then over to NY&Co., where I got the absolute cutest little lavender, scoop-neck, “Love” t-shirt, a beach bag and three dresses for 10% of the original price. Score! I am pretty much in a wear it once and consign it mode, to prune the inventory and allow me to continue to trophy hunt for steals on beautiful clothing.

I then hightailed it home and tried everything on! It’s 50/50 if I can get home in tact, without starting the tear down to allow me to get down the street (thou shalt never embarrass thy wife, especially one as accepting as mine), but I was able to do so this evening. So in full makeup, I was able to model (for myself) everything I bought (full makeup and wig make a big difference when trying things on). Such a joyful day!

Well, we’ve rambled on long enough. Come back tomorrow for the photo shoot.

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