Museum and a Salon Day!

September 3, 2020 – It had been a busy week with work and some unexpected ancillary income opportunities. Plus our daughter is coming home for a week and it will be the first time we have seen her in person since Christmas due to the plague. So I wanted to make sure I squeezed every drop out of my Kandi time before I had to lock her and all her things away for a week. Always bittersweet! Family trumps everything, is always my favored activity and/or time spent. But that doesn’t mean Kandi isn’t missed.

On this day we started with a shift greeting the few patrons that visit The Cleveland Museum of Art under current circumstances. Yes, I know the close up of me is a bit scary. Distance is my friend. I am still learning to use my new equipment and doing so with limited eyesight.

Before I headed to the museum, I had to make a bank deposit. So I took the opportunity to go into the bank (yes, you can still do that, at least for now before automation completely eliminates tellers). I interacted with three different people, no issue whatsoever. An older gentleman customer even chatted with me.

Then it was time for “work”.

Frankly, with summer sort of over and the COVID restrictions, things aren’t the same at the museum. But I still get to dress, I still continue meeting new people and I still love being there.

I also wanted improve my hair situation. As I have evolved, I am strongly confident in my fashion sense, I am solid doing my makeup, my body is in peak condition for now, I know my limitations, but hair, frankly I suck at it. So I made an appointment at Gina’s Salon & Wigs (see her on my “Links” page and if you can get there, GO!!!!!)

What I learned is that over the past six plus years, I had zero clue as to how to maintain a wig, how to wear a wig and how to treat a wig. Everything I did, everything, was wrong. Gina taught me how to properly put the wig on my head. She taught me how to brush it. She showed me how to handle it. She showed me (my words, certainly not hers) that I was a fool for how I approached wigs/my hair/my presentation. I believe I have succeeded despite my poor hair.

Gina and I also discussed doing some videos on wig care, courtesy of Kandi’s Land! Stay tuned…..

So here is the standard photo montage of my day.

I’d been dying to wear this dress since I dropped $3 on it last year! It’s a Danny & Nicole beauty and it’s so cute. Yes, I can almost always remember where I bought something, what it cost and where I have worn it. I wish I had actual profitable skills…….

I was delighted (and a few ladies noticed) to tie all the colors together. The orange is obviously dominant and I featured it in my accessories. There are subtle purples, so I picked those up in my makeup and shoes. Spend a day in this dress? You bet! The shoes? Only a few hours.

Now here is your hostess having a bit of salon fun! Gina earning my implicit trust. She taught me how to care for my wigs and she reconditioned my existing wig. What she didn’t do was take advantage of my poor hair skills and simply sell me an expensive wig. For that, I am deeply appreciative!

Below are a few different wigs and my newly reconditioned wig.

This was an eye-opening day. I continue to learn, make subtle changes, re-evaluate and will someday be a woman I can be proud of. I’m good with the one I am now, but I can get so much better!! The evolution is a magic carpet ride for me.

12 thoughts on “Museum and a Salon Day!

  1. Kandi,
    You look beautiful, I love the wig with the blonde highlights! Gina is such a wonderful person who I trust as well. I’m going to get my hair cut and styled by her tomorrow.
    Stay beautiful-Sherry


  2. Kandi, You hair came out great. There is nothing like the feel of long hair down your back. But I have to say that the wigs you tried on are really very flattering as well. I the first pic on the top left you look like Jennifer Anniston. You could pass anywhere with either as well. You are also looking so slim and petite. Love the dress.


  3. Finding someone like Gina to help with such an important aspect of your presentation is an aspiration of mine. I’m sure that I could use that sort of help with my wigs as well. Having to hide them away certainly doesn’t help!

    The orange floral dress is fabulous, I remain in awe of your ability to complement the outfit with jewelry, makeup, and shoes. I would be overwhelmed by your vast wardrobe!

    It may have been bittersweet to put Kandi away for some time, but I agree that family comes first. Everything will wait for the proper time to come back, and the smiles from you and your blog audience will be that much greater. ❤


    1. Thank you my dear friend!! While it took almost literally a lifetime, you will not meet or know anyone who is more in balance with the two sides of me that I am. God bless you my friend and you big day is coming soon….right??


      1. Last night I went out for the first time since last November 2. Had a good visit and dinner with a friend. Pictures and a full story coming soon!


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