Continuing My Evolution

August 30, 2020 – With the pandemic-induced need to change how I live my life and be who I am, I have sought to make changes in my presentation. I have made changes, some forced by circumstances, in what I do and where I go. I placed a recent order on Amazon (you think Jeff Bezos brought about the coronavirus to take over the world? While I am joking, think about it……). I actually loathe doing this. Not counting books, I can count on one hand the number of items I have ever purchased on Amazon. I always try to support brick and mortar because they mean jobs!

My first purchase was this selfie setup with the ring light. It has three different settings and you will see below some of its benefits. Good purchase. I also bought a nail set with 500 adhesive tabs (the key to this purchase). The first run was success as you can see above.

Yes, I know you can see the ring light in my glasses, I’ll work on that going forward.

Before we get into my day, I will tell you how thrilled I was the day before. For the first time in probably 45 years, I weighed in at under 150 pounds! Sure it was at the end of a half marathon, but it never happened in my adult life.

I was so happy on this morning to weigh in at 151, which I hope to maintain. A morning weight I have also never seen in my adult life. I’d love to get down to 145. That means speed (feeding the male me) and that means I look good in a dress (feeding the female me)!

This Sunday was a day with a morning shift at the art museum. This dress was one of the first post-COVID shut down purchases I made. At that time, stores were desperate to turn inventory. I went to Burlington where everything was 50% off. This beauty was hanging on the clearance rack for $10, 50% made her mine for $5. I LOVE this dress! Low cut, but not too low. It highlights my feminine figure. It is a proper knee length for a gal of my advanced years.

As has been the usual, it was a slow Sunday morning (after the biggest day the museum has had since reopening). I “manned” my position in front of the member desk with Janet working there. We talked quite a bit and I had the most wonderful experience.

Janet’s son is getting married near the end of September. She still hadn’t purchased her dress for the wedding, so we did some online shopping and I was her consultant. She purchased the perfect dress and thanked me for my help and (her words) “validation”. I cannot wait to hear if she likes it once she gets it and tries it on.

In a vain attempt to stretch my day, I stopped to have a glass of wine on my way home. I need to stop doing this as I end up sitting alone due to social distancing requirements, thereby killing my reason for having stopped to begin with. It’s odd. I always feel guilty when I buy an item of clothing. The other day I dropped $5 on a little dress at Forever 21. I still have that dress and can keep and wear it as often as I want. I paid, with a generous tip, $13 for that glass of wine and I got minimal human interaction and that glass of wine has now run its course through my system. Old habits are hard to break (the guilt issues, minimized but never gone).

Got home, cut the lawn and made a great meal for the angel known as my wife. A good day, indeed!

2 thoughts on “Continuing My Evolution

  1. Kandi, I love the dress, it suits your slender figure and shows off your feminine assets. I agree that stopping at a bar/restaurant is no longer a good idea unless you’re going with other people due to social distancing reasons. For an introvert like me, though, it’s the same as before! 😁❤


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