Post-Errand Photo Shoot

First of all, you need to understand, getting back home completely en femme during daylight hours is a bit precarious. But since it had been raining, this girl came home the way she left! That left the door open for a little more fun as the storm clouds began to drift back in. I was enormously pleased with myself this day. So here we go!!

I am very lucky to do what I do. I go out in public in dresses, skirts, dress casually, dress up, swimsuits, you name it. But to go in and out of one place after another, an almost 60 year old woman, in short shorts and a cute cami and no one blinked an eye, well you know that’s really cool. Life remains full of challenges, this is the one thing that is not difficult, it is joyful and wonderful. Get out! Be you!! Love yourself!!

I have to admit now that these last few months have allowed me to focus on me, not on what I am doing. Having done so, I believe I have taken what little I have to work with and am crafting it into a fairly presentable woman. I am very pleased with my makeup. My dear friend at Dillard’s has provided me with the proper tools to have a nice cleavage. The increased running this year has helped me shape my legs well. I have embraced shapewear to my benefit. I had resisted shapewear as I don’t enjoy “holding things back” but prefer “shaping them”. I used to do the former and am now doing the latter. I am now looking to upgrade my nail game. All of this has allowed me to go out taking some risks and reaping the benefits of having done so. I sometimes feel like I look like a 45 year old woman, instead of the broken down old mare I am.

Now what’s next?

4 thoughts on “Post-Errand Photo Shoot

  1. Kandi, you look great and I mean that.
    I know most of us don’t pass but you my dear look so feminine I really doubt many give you a second look thinking other than a women


  2. KANDI,   YOU REALLY HAVE THE HEALTH & BODY THING DOWN TO SCIENCE… WEIGHT ALSO  I WEIGH IN AT 154-156 and 5- 11.  Pretty Good  BUT YOU HAVE ME BEAT BY A MILE, HOWEVER I CANNOT COMPLAIN SINCE I AM A TADD OLDER.  A GIRL NEVER REVEALS HER AGE.  IN MALE MODE GUESSED AT 65  in MARIE MODE get by at 55.  All wonderful.   THE YELLOW TOP and SHORTS with the Smooth skin and tan are winning combination.   Marie Anne  


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