($)2 Much?

The skirt here is a 7th Avenue (NY&Co.) gem and the top a simple Time and Tru t-shirt, both picked up this day. I love the skirt, but it’s not perfect. The hem up top is a bit loose, so next time I will wear it with a sweater over it. It does highlight my best ass(et).

Now here is the Express skirt that started all of this madness! I love a red skirt. I love a stretch skirt like this and I love the length. I pulled the black blouse (NY&Co.) from my inventory and put together my very favorite color combination. Much like the post yesterday, the picture directly below to the right is another one of those “real me” photos.

Finally this skirt still had the tags on it from Nordstrom Rack! And I loved this outfit so much, we got her out in public the very next day, which you will read about tomorrow. This is what made me so happy…….

Do you think I know how to shop? How about my ability to put an outfit together? Who knew?

So come on back and see this one again!

Check out the updated Supper Club page!!

6 thoughts on “($)2 Much?

  1. KANDI,

    I Love both the White and the Red Skirts –Maybe the White a little more BUT Please tell me HOW you did the WHITE HAIR Bows. Just to die for SO perfectly GIRL.

    Marie Anne


    1. It’s a simply bow I bought at Walmart, cost me a buck or so. They are in the hair accessories section. I have no ability myself to tie a bow, especially behind my head! I have a few more you’ll be seeing soon!


  2. Kandi, I really love the red skirt with the black top. The white skirt does show off that particular ass(et) well. The last outfit is very cute, although it’s a bit younger in its looks. You go girl! ❤


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