Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

My apologies to the late Aretha Franklin, our final thrift store steal was worn for a Zoom meeting I had on this day. This piece was actually the most expensive item, marked on a green tag (only 50% off) for $2.99, so it ran me $1.50.

Here is my Zoom look:

Post meeting, I took a few more pictures.

Looking and feeling cute, what else to do but go out a bit. I wasn’t out long, but I hit a local permanent flea market (nothing), stopped at Target (where I bought yet another and hopefully, my final, floppy hat) and picked up my dinner for the evening (the angel was working late). Yes, I wore those heels, yes, I walk quite comfortably in them and yes, I was glad I was only out a bit over an hour.

The top is simple, casual, yet feminine and playful. It pairs well with my favorite skinny jeans and gives me an “every day woman” look. The shoes and belt tie together. The heels say I am a woman and am proud of it! I walked with pride knowing I looked very nice, my figure featured and shown in a very positive fashion.

So, was it $3.75 well spent?

4 thoughts on “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

  1. Cute top and I love those heels, they look fabulous with the skinny jeans! But you are a brave woman to wear them out shopping! 😳


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