Did I Spend Too Much?

So I spied the yellow tag on this dress. It “retailed” (the price The Salvation Army was originally selling it for) at $7.99. I paid $1. Some dresses look better on the hangar. Not this one, which is why it lasted until it’s final markdown. Do we like it?

A favorite activity of mine is to put on a dress or outfit, look at it in the mirror and then get that “oh, yeah!” moment. The “oh, yeah!” moment here was the jewelry and shoes. It’s hard to see here how beautiful these shoes are and how perfect they are with the dress. The necklace works so well here. Oh, yeah!!

12 thoughts on “Did I Spend Too Much?

  1. Girl,
    That dress looks good on you! If I may ask, what size are you? I’m about a 12 but it seem to really vary depending on the dress.


    1. It also varies on me as well. Generally I am a 10, but recently purchased a 6 that fits nicely. The dress, almost regardless, has to have some give as I have wide shoulders. Thank you for the sweet complement!!


  2. Pretty amazing how beautiful a dress can look for almost nothing
    It just shows there are always possibilities and you are amazing how you always make it work so well


  3. Gorgeous dress, although the model is pretty fabulous too. You wouldn’t have thought, looking at it on the hanger, that it was anything special. You’re a master of the art of accessorizing to elevate it like this, Kandi!


    1. I figured worst case, I wasted a buck and would try consignment to make it back. But it worked out pretty well, or at least I hope it will when it sees the light of day in public. Thanks so much, T!!


    1. I wish I could explain it. In 2104, I accepted all of this. The weight then just fell off of me. I dieted a bit, but it honestly just went away. From that point, I became a runner and it’s been easy ever since. Once I lost the weight, the stomach got smaller and while I still eat what I want, I don’t have as much room for food as I used to. Not the best weight loss plan, but it worked for me. Love you!!


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