A Wonderful Time!

So here are the results of a wonderful photo shoot!

I found a closed “office” building in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The office is for the railway. Anyone from the area will know what I am referring to. It’s a converted old house. Me, an adorable dress, my stylish chapeau, sun, no one around and a great deal of fun. Enjoy! This might be my best work yet!

Damn, that was fun!!

6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Time!

  1. KANDI,

    Liked the colorful dress on the C Park Shoot. And got a real kick out of the last FUNNY POSE picture. However, must say again I really truly love the Black & White Flowered –Camalia ?? Dress.

    By the way, I understand most of your shoots are SOLO affairs. Had you ever given thought to asking the ANGEL if she would mind tagging along ??? Just a thought.

    Marie Anne


    1. No way, no how. I am my wife’s husband, I am not her girlfriend. That is a line I will never cross. I have less than zero interest in jeopardizing what I have spent six years building. I am very happy in my two different worlds. Thanks Marie!


  2. That is such a cute fun dress.
    I admit that is one of the things that has always attracted me to women’s clothes is that so many are just fun and cute.
    Men don’t have fun and cute.
    Yes Kandi this is a great shoot and you are most defiantly having fun with it


  3. Kandi, I love the fruit dress, even on a black background it is a summer style. The picture of you perched on the chair is my favorite, but they are all showing how much fun you had.


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