I Had To Do It…….

…..and am so happy I did!

July 11, 2020 – The Angel Known as My Wife had to work late, so I planned a day out. It’s simply the best use of my time. Go out……love my girl time! Stay home on a rainy Saturday…….not good, the bottle calls my name (a recurring theme here).

The day started with my friend and I slogging through a crappy and rainy 20 miler. It wasn’t too bad until the sky opened up and the last few miles were less than comfortable. I don’t mind being wet, but not being able to see well, I am not a big fan of that. Then I ran a few errands on the way home. It was still raining. What to do?

So I figured I’d lay the ground work and see where Mother Nature took me. I got my body (top of the head to my toes) smooth as can be and as I was doing so, the sun came out and I figured I’d give it a go. Now in the good old days, going out wasn’t an issue. I had a myriad of options for activities. Now, what the f’ can I do?

I had planned on attending another flea market, but knew it was set up in a field, so I was reluctant to walk in what I though may be a swamp (based on my soggy run not two miles way). Oh the heck with it, so off I went!

So let’s talk a bit about my outfit. The dress was recently stalked by me over the course of a few weeks. $42 wasn’t going to happen. $12, mine! Of course, NY&Co. The hat was acquired at Off Saks 5th, at a local outlet mall. One and one equaled 100! I am thrilled that this was me, this was me in front of many people, this was me having a great afternoon!

The flea was underwhelming, but that was expected given more than half of it was rained upon. I poked around a bit, grabbed a big bag of kettle corn (love the stuff) and headed to my photo shoot for the day. We will defer until tomorrow to discuss that, as well as to show most of the wonderful results!

So a few hours had been killed, I look adorable and what is a gal to do? I hit the mall to kill off an hour. There, my ego was pumped up. I was riding up the escalator at Dillard’s. I had just barely stepped off of it and I hear “I LOVE your hat!” An SA, unfortunately masked (as was I) told me how she loves floppy hats. In the olden days, she would have been greeted with a giant smile and probably a hug. Now, she could not see my smile, but I bowed toward her and patted my heart. Simply intoxicating! But another example of how life is now like cotton candy, empty calories with little substance. If I could have smiled, hugged, if…….

Then I walked the mall (I wore the hat the whole time). Soma, as was practically every other store, was selling things on clearance and then marking them down another 80%. So as I was sorting through the panties (they were almost, but not quite free), one of the SAs told me how she loved my dress! My dress!! Yeah, I do love that and will never tire of it! My dress!!

As I made my purchase the lovely young lady cashing me out, sort of demurely told me how she loved my outfit. She was a bit shy (the mask may have added to that). I was in that mall for not much more than 30 minutes and felt like the prettiest woman in the world!

But wait, there’s more!

Over to my favorite Italian restaurant (I adore this place). It was late to the party in reopening. During the government ban on restaurants, they remodeled. The bar is now extraordinary! I got there right when they opened and perched my pretty little butt at the corner of the bar. I immediately struck up a wonderful conversation with the bartender. I then saw a good friend (waitress there), whom I had hoped would be there, and we got caught up. I ordered a glass of wine and my dinner when a couple came in. I am pretty sure we had met there before, but wasn’t sure. They are a few years my senior.

They sat as close to me as proper CDC guidelines allow. Conversation ensued. My attire, a nonissue. I talked with both of them about music and this and that. It was a free and easy conversation. So I went out to eat alone and essentially had dinner with another couple. Damn, I miss this! What a wonderful afternoon. I am so lucky, at least when I can figure out how to get my mug out in public. I need the public, they feed who I am.

The Supper Club page has an update!

4 thoughts on “I Had To Do It…….

  1. Great to hear about your day, especially the compliments and the conversations! Looking forward to seeing the photos tomorrow.


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