The Common Thread

People like people who are like them, it’s human nature. It’s why we live around those like us, why we tend to congregate with those that share a similar interest.  I’ve found this to be a key to my ability to go out and connect with people fairly well.  Really, you may ask?  You are standing there in a dress and connecting with a man from Maine (or wherever you want to use)?

Yep!  We all have a common thread.  I find it and go from there.  That common thread is what makes us connect and feel like we are like the other person.  Men and woman connect over common interests.  In my public volunteer jobs (back in the day), I met people from all over the country and I generally could make a connection.  For example, one day I met a father and his son (who I later came to believe has Asperger Syndrome).  They were going to the Rock Hall.  I talked about some of my experiences there, found out they were from the Philadelphia area, told them about some time I spent with The Roots (from Philly) and a lengthy conversation ensued.

That common thread can vary, it doesn’t have to revolve around gender or gender identification.  It could be as simple as being a parent, a sports fan or from a common area.

Find that common thread and you can get someone to look past your CDing and see you as a person, a human being, someone interesting.  I do it all the time and it works.

This post was written quite some time ago, maybe two years back. Current circumstances are no fun, but they actually present an opportunity for you to get your CD feet underneath you. Hey, masks are mandated. Okay, the wear one, dress nicely and go out that first time. Drive a few miles from home and the odds are significant that no one will have any possibility of identifying you. No excuses, get out there!


Bonus post (it ain’t much): I had an appointment this past week for some hair removal, so I could not wear make-up. But I am who I am, so this is how I went.

I didn’t realize I was slumping so badly in the photo on the right or I would have re-shot it.

Oh well, I am very far from perfect. And yeah, I know, it’s not the same without the smile. Taking a decent photo without smiling is actually difficult to do. It’s just not the same, but I had to leave some facial hair for purposes of a consultation, so the mask was a must here.


Check out the updated Supper Club page!

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