“I Love Your Hat!”

Okay, back to the story…….

Clouds were beginning to roll in, so I figured I’d head home and grab some dinner along the way. It did start raining as I drove home, so I probably made a good decision. I was hungry for some Chinese, so I hit Panda Express on the way.

There was a pretty long line at the drive thru, so I went inside. A mask was required, so I obliged and headed inside for my food. I walked out, removed my mask and placed my food and my purse in my car. I wasn’t paying much attention to anything around me when a car pulls up behind me and I hear “I love your hat!”. A woman, alone in her car, wearing a mask, said this to me. I turned around, grinning from ear to ear and told her she made my day. She then told me “You look like a model!”.

She certainly did not have to say this to me. It wasn’t like it was easy for her to do so. She was in her car, she had to pull over and roll down her window. Yet this angel, in a mask, made the effort to say a few things and take a moment out of her day and make me feel, if even for a moment, like to most beautiful woman in the world!

And THAT is exactly why I go out, why I proudly hold my head up high and spend all the time on my presentation. Because I did look, on this day, maybe only in that moment, like a model!


So the end result of my struggles are two things, both seemingly counterproductive. I run, a lot! And I drink, a lot. I am not eating that well, not necessarily eating things that are unhealthy, just not eating until dinner (when, believe me, I eat plenty). Most mornings I wake up feeling like crap (not sleeping well either), which has factored into my low early appetite. I know this has been difficult for everyone, everywhere and I have no reason to complain. But I do like sharing and I do like getting things off of my chest, like this. It helps. We’ll talk more about feelings the balance of the week.


We will be introducing a new idea tomorrow. Please stay tuned!

6 thoughts on ““I Love Your Hat!”

  1. KANDI,




    1. I’d go out all the time, it’s just that there is nowhere to go. I am not paralyzed by the virus because it’s not going anywhere. If it gets me, it get’s me. My wife works in a grocery store so we are high risk if we like it or not. Thanks Pat!!


  2. Kandi, you look so lovely and I do love the hair.
    Oh my what a great complement too.
    This time we are in is indeed frustrating and each day brings with it more crappy news and I just wish the media would downplay it more but as you know they just thrive on the bad news, which just ticks me off.
    Anyway I got my girl on today again out shopping at the store and I think wearing a mask it just seems easier to be me this way not sure but maybe I’m just tried of all things and I just want to try and live and be happy
    Love ya my friend


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