My Afternoon With Sherry

June 6, 2020 – So due to the national health emergency, as butchered by every level of government, my dear friend Sherry has not been able to get her Sherry on.

This was the day!! I can’t speak for the first portion of her day (come back tomorrow for that), but I can tell you I was honored to be able to let the genie out of the bottle. We’d been texting on occasion and let’s just say, it’s been difficult (as it has been for everyone).

We met at a local craft brewery (many are going under due to government incompetency). It was just lovely to sit and talk, a couple of ladies getting together to chat. We had a few beers, an appetizer and spent about an hour and a half being, just being ourselves.

We stopped at a local gazebo on our way home and shot a few more photos.

I’ve talked frequently about the lack of dependability in our community, which I completely understand. Sherry is my one true real world girl friend. I have quite a few ladies on-line I love (I mean that literally), but Sherry is my girl! Thanks my dear!!


Big Dig Update No. 4: I went through my blazers and what I’ll call “outfit jackets”. These are not overcoats, but things like denim jackets, etc. that are featured as part of the outfit. I actually went through all of these pre-COVID, so I cleaned house back then. But in this massive undertaking to get everything organized, I took inventory. Two more of these jackets were sent off for donation and I kept 44 pieces. I just couldn’t get rid of anything because everything was so cute! I could almost immediately envision the outfit that each would be a part of. Such is my curse……

6 thoughts on “My Afternoon With Sherry

  1. Dear Kandi,

    I am so happy for you and SHERRY.. WE can have many acquaintances but a true friend is rare. Have been watching Sherry evolving — A long journey but well worth while. Reminded me a my own “SHERRY” from a long time ago. She was beginner. I was only a little ahead of her, however I no longer at a spouse (decreased) while she did.. spouse was aware bit only cautiously support. My friend was developing well and we often separated ourselves from the larger CD group )Mostly GIDs) and just enjoyed being calm girls. Then a mother died and DAD moved in with my friend and his wife and all of her Girl development ended abruptly as did and our communication link was broken by mutual con scent. A little sad but understandable.

    Well hope you and Sherry have many more enjoyable get togethers.

    Marie Anne


  2. It is nice to have such a friend, one who gets you as Sherry does.
    I’ve longed for that, someone I can get with and be my other self even for a while.
    I’ve been mostly a solo girl for a long time, oh sure I’ve met the occasional CD and even a T girl once but to have a friend like you and Sherry would be ideal for me these days.
    I’m glad you both got out even for just a short one


    1. Rach, You have to absolutely trust me when I tell you this. I tell you this from significant personal experience. My relationship with Sherry is a unicorn. It is a blessing and is as rare as anything in this world. Our community, with everyone’s personal circumstances, makes real friendships almost impossible. And even though I love Sherry, we really don’t see each other that much and when we do, it’s difficult to get all synced up. It’s not easy being us! Love you dear!!


  3. A friendship like this is a treasure, even though you don’t get the chance to be together often. I love the pictures at the gazebo – and Sherry’s real hair is so amazingly beautiful! Looking forward to reading her post tomorrow…


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