Pre-Sherry Photo Shoot

June 6, 2020 – You’ll find out tomorrow, Sherry and I planned a get together. I knew we’d only be together for about two hours, so it was outdoor photo shoot time!

My first stop was a west side historical cemetery. I found an isolated spot and took a few photos.

I almost got trapped in the cemetery. It was in a part of town that was, shall we say, not the best place to be. The previous weekend, the protesters had trashed the town and much of Cleveland was shut down on curfew for the rest of that week. I passed a side street with probably 30 police cars poised to deal with any issues. They closed the gates after a burial that was going on while I was there, was completed. I was let out, but I was a bit nervous about things.

Then I headed over to the training facility of the worst run franchise in professional sports. I could feel my brain cells dying just being outside those gates.

It was a “chamber of commerce” day, the weather was the one perfect day we get every year. Mid 70s, low humidity and me, in this adorable dress, spot on with my accessories, never once feeling anything but entirely comfortable.

Time to meet with Sherry!


Big Dig Update No. 3: This time we went through all of my “bottoms”. One skirt suit, one pants suit, 5 pair of leggings, 5 pair of (non-athletic) shorts, 6 pair of capris, 9 pair of jeans, 17 pair of dress slacks and, wait…….75 skirts! I went though each and every one and could not justify getting rid of a single thing. My, oh, my!!

4 thoughts on “Pre-Sherry Photo Shoot

  1. Cute and comfortable dress, Kandi. Getting out on such a beautiful day must have been wonderful for your psyche (and for Sherry’s too).

    I’m always amazed by the breadth of your wardrobe – I don’t have any women’s shorts or dress pants, although I’ve been (virtually) window shopping lately. But seeing 75 skirts and loving them all? Wow!! 🤯


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