More Chunky Photos

So I’m in front of the art museum, people all around on this beautiful day. A couple jogs by and I smile at them. They slow down and laugh that they were going to photo bomb me. Of course, I welcome them into the shot, doing so in the way we have to nowadays. Here we are. The woman was wearing an Akron Marathon shirt, which you can’t see here (being responsibly socially distant). So we struck up a conversation about that race. They had run the relay, I had sucked on the full. It was a rather long conversation and one that left me shaking my head. Even these days, I was able to have a “moment”. Just a wonderful exchange with two terrific people!

Here are the rest of the acceptable photos. I know, you are probably surprised I was able to get in the camera frame.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to start losing this tonnage!

Update: The fat photos were taken almost two weeks ago. I stepped up my running, started to manage the crap I had been eating (although my need for some alcohol will not go away until this f’n virus does) and I got things back under control. I needed motivation and this was the impetus. I am not being falsely modest or hyper self-critical, I just went back and looked at some of the photos I did not post here and was struck by the size of my face. I think all the extra pounds went straight to my chin. Kandi’s Land is all about being honest, laying it all out there. I promise, I won’t be so repulsive in the photo shoots you will see in the next two weeks.

8 thoughts on “More Chunky Photos

  1. As you know, fellow runners are always happy to afford conversation and encouragement to each other. They are often glad to talk about past runs and races and what they hope for in their future events.
    I could not read the t-shirt that the lady was wearing but it looked like she was running in a skirt.


      1. I presume that the running skirt is a skort like, garment made of nylon tricot or some other fabric similar to running shorts. If one is in Kandi’s budget it may be fun for a run out and about as quasi-Kandi.


  2. Glad you had a nice interaction with those folks.
    Gaining and loosing weight at our age most defiantly becomes a bit more difficult.
    I want to just to encourage you to do your best and get your weight back down again
    It’s funny what really motivated me when I started working out years ago was deciding to wear and buy the cute ladies exercise wear to do them, even if only at home
    Of course now I do venture out in my ladies wear as I’ve mentioned here


  3. Motivation for a lot of things is hard to come by these days. With no end to some restrictions and careful beginnings for winding down others, it’s unlikely that I will have any opportunity for dressing for the rest of the year. Living through others will have to suffice for me. And your smile keeps me going!


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