3/15 – The Skirt

This lovely mid-calf Ann Taylor skirt has a gold slip that shows through the decorative cutout. I just love it!

Let’s start with a gold lame top, the perfect pairing!

I liked this jacket with an all black contrast.

Who doesn’t love a Calvin Klein top!!

A simple sparkly gold sweater with a cream shell.

And we wind up this rather long day (thankfully it was a grey and rainy day) with this beautiful sleeveless turtleneck.

I have to say, I love playing the 3/15 game but I hate the work it takes to do this. There has to be a good 3-4 hours of outfit selection along with the usual Kandi prep, changing outfit after outfit, selecting accessories with each outfit, finding new and interesting photo spots and camera angles and then cleaning up and putting everything away. The photo shoot itself takes a few hours as well. Oh, then I have to review and edit well over 300 photos, clean up and save the ones I most like and write these posts. A labor of love for sure, but quite a bit of work. Whew….

8 thoughts on “3/15 – The Skirt

  1. Kandi,

    Great set of photos and YOU can not fool us –Yes some work but the joy exceeds the work factor — Real Girl fun –
    Enjoy every minute of it (A small payback //bonus from the Lock Down).

    Marie Anne


    1. Marie, you are so sweet, but I have to disagree, There is nothing good coming out of the lockdown. I can do this any day I wish. I do enjoy the doing, still hate to set up and clean up.


  2. Kandi, you find the most fashionable items that I would never think of to wear, and then you make them look fabulous. I love the CK top and the sleeveless turtleneck. It all may be a lot of work, but the end result is a whole bunch of smiles! ❤


  3. All wonderful looks that look good on you.
    Really like the sleeveless top and the skirt is just beautiful.
    Thank you so very much for putting this together as yes we all know it’s work to get that just right look in makeup and clothes and accessories.
    Yes the cleanup can be a pain but thank you for doing this that brings a bit of sunshine to us all in this difficult time


    1. Rach, the funny thing is that I did this happened almost a month ago. I have a ton of stuff in the backlog and keep thinking up stuff designed to make at least one person smile every day during this …….crap.


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