Well, I got my new wigs. I also bought a new shimmer pink lipstick and went to work!

My goal with this photo shoot was to capture some portraits experimenting with these new looks. All the shots are head shots (yeah, I know, not my best feature) and I tried to get as creative as a self-photographer can with limited equipment. On the advice of a friend, I went soft with the pink lipstick and pastel tops.

Let me save many of you from a few comments. The long wig looks SO much better that the short wig, SO much better. But in the real world, they are very hard to maintain, at least that has been my experience. And I will acknowledge here that one wig makes me look so much younger and the other makes me look so much older.

Also, I know I should always wear glasses (maybe even a full facial mask). I am old and my eyes show it, I am very aware of that. Any photo taken here without glasses was literally done so blindly. I did three different tops per wig and used both my iPhone and PC to take different types of shots. I’ll just say, I am enamored with this first set of photos in the lavender sweater!

More to come!

10 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. I see merit in both but I agree that the long one makes you look younger but it may be too young a style for you.
    I like the blend of colors in the wig.
    The short wig could be nice but the monochromatic black just does not look natural. Over the past few years my wigs have had a blend of colors. I think any new ones I buy should add a few shades of gray to the blend since my once dark brown hair has long since turned to gray


  2. Kandi, I definitely agree that the new short wig is not the best look for you. Your usual style of wig has enough volume to be feminine and is easily cared for. That said, I LOVE the blonde wig! Sure it’s a little more youthful and may be a pain to manage, but why can’t we have fun with our look every once in a while?


  3. Hi Kandi,
    The larger, longer, lighter wig definitely works much better for you.
    It makes your head look smaller, which I presume you would want.
    The mix of shades in it helps too.
    Plenty of women have long fairly wind blown hair, so I wouldn’t see that as a problem.
    The clincher is how happy you look wearing it.
    Best Wishes,
    Penny from Edinburgh.


  4. I too am a fan of the long wig, and this girl loves her lavender so you know I like that.
    I’ve got a couple of long wigs and some work and others don’t.
    It’s defiantly hit an miss
    You do look like your having fun even though I know it’s killing you not being able to mingle amongst the real world.
    Hang in there hopefully soon


    1. My photo shoots are completely joyful and quite a bit of work. I really love them, but miss life. In terms of my Kandi life, it remains completely empty, but I am doing my best to keep my chin up. Love you Rach!


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