THIS was Special!

I received the following e-mail (I’ve done some redacting) after running my “Are We A Community?” post:

So sorry to hear of your poor treatment by [redacted]. Sorrier to hear that it was in the form of a major blast. Any who know of and follow you is well aware of your being a significant presence in the real world representing our community. FWIW, I am 100% in your corner. At the time you used “stupid” to describe a decision by the Keystone planners I, and I suspect most of us, would have wholeheartedly agreed that the decision was stupid. This especially because the in depth explanation [redacted] later gave did not seem to be evident in the earlier communications of the decision.

I’ve been a member of [that website] since 2010, having lurked for a good while before that. I’ve noted with increasing frequency the snarkiness of some of the replies, and a trend of some piling on. Not the supporting, nurturing environment most of us seek.

While I’ve enjoyed your commenting on [that website] over time, your efforts here are much more affirming of who you are and of what so many of us strive for. I am thankful and grateful for you and your blog. Here you are safe to be you and are truly among friends. So please, carry on in your grand Kandi style. You are a credit to our community (and write a damn good/interesting blog).

From a brilliant person

When I write a negative post like that one, it gives me pause. This is all about being positive and supportive. My post was featured on T-Central (never happened before) and I have received nothing but positive feedback. So to quote Sally Field (yeah, I’m old), you like me, you really, really like me!

Thank you brilliant person!

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there has been a daily Kandi fashion show happening on my Flickr page since we’re on virus lock down. It’s running along the right side of the blog and you can check it out directly (the link is on my Links page). This will continue as long as we are on house arrest. These photos will soon be on the blog as well.

2 thoughts on “THIS was Special!

  1. You do make a very valuable contribution to our little corner of the world. Anyone who has read your blog at all knows that you come from a honest place and that there is never an ounce of malice in your heart. At the time you made the ‘stupid’ comment our understanding of the extent to which the virus would shut down things was much different than it is today. We all adapt.
    You do much good in all you do and you are liked and admired by many…really.


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