My Second Consecutive Feel Good Outing

January 24, 2002 – On an unseasonably warm and rainy day, I had a commitment to work as an usher at Weathervane Theater. So I went very casual for the evening.

Out the door, I headed to one of my favorite Happy Hours and had a great meal, relaxing and enjoyable. Then I perused a few stores (happily without a purchase) at the attached mall.

When I reported for duty, I walked in with a friend from Weathervane who is a significant volunteer there, along with his young daughter, Sara. She was an absolute delight! Sara helped me set up the candy sales counter and we talked. She told me stories, I asked questions, we joked about the various candies we were setting up. What a great young lady!

She also served as the House Manager, scanning in the tickets as her Dad and I welcomed patrons, handing out programs. Everyone was delighted by her and I played along, telling everyone she was the best boss I ever had!

Now remember what I did the previous day (see yesterday’s post). That event and Weathervane are both in the Akron area. One gentleman came up to me and asked if I was at the event the previous day. We chatted about it and he introduced me to his wife and the other couple they were there with. Then a bit later, a woman asked if I was at the event. We had apparently talked there. I apologized for not immediately remembering that, telling her my memory was a bit out of context. Always noticed! Often remembered.

These people had zero reason to be kind to me in this fashion. They could easily have smiled, taken their programs and proceeded to their seats. But both made sure to go out of their way to say something. Believe me, I would not have remembered seeing them. Marginalized, occasionally. Admired, frequently. Treated with kindness, more than I deserve.

Another life affirming day out. Between Sara and her father and the patrons there, I left smiling. Reflecting on why I bother to do this, these experiences, Sara and her Dad, those that were kind enough to have remembered me, that’s why. I look for moments, which brings joy. If you tagged along with me this evening, you would have been bored stiff (the day before would have been much more interesting), including the brief nap I took during the first act. Me, I was gratified.

4 thoughts on “My Second Consecutive Feel Good Outing

  1. Every affirmative act or undertaking moves you forward and advances things for the rest of us.
    Thank you for everything that you do. The entire northern Ohio area is better for having Kandi around.


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