A Day in The Closet

By Marie Anne Greene

Meaning: In our community, used in its broadest sense, the word CLOSET has a special meaning – and a somewhat negative or forbidden connotation. This article (and its author) takes a totally different and uplifting almost joyful context.

Setting: It must be admitted that Marie Anne is undoubtedly, or at least most likely, in a small minority even within our community and thus much of what she expresses in this little story is not attainable by many readers. This is regrettable but a simple fact of our life style ranging from those who must “hide” their “treasures” or obtain new ones on an infrequent and short time basis depending on windows of opportunity. Marie occupied these modes for many and many years due to family and professional concerns.

Reality: For Marie, these restrictions largely no longer exist and in the current segment of her life, she can express her other (previously suppressed) emotions, enjoyment, taste in clothes, reading material, personal skin and health care as well as a wider scope of entertainment and friends who appreciate and accept her as she is today. She is particularly joyful when she finds the latter. Unfortunately, this number is extremely small and is currently limited to eight in person CIS females and a greater number of Girls like us via the electronic universe.

Encouragement: A bright, friendly “Hi! Girl how are you doing Dear?” is wonderful – almost as good as a warm hug on either (or both) end of a girl session. The joy of going shopping with a girl friend of any persuasion can be another special treat and something to fully enjoy this unique an open excursion into femininity.

The Vault-the Closet: Not everybody has a place where they have easy and free access to their Girl Treasures – Treasures in this context is everything that is part of Our, Yours and My Special World. Everything from that gorgeous uplifting bra (And I mean that in at least two connotations – physically, and emotionally) to the matching panties and their smooth silkiness and slight confining nature and then when paired with that auburn, blonde or brunet shoulder length mane its can be almost pure ecstasy and an affirmation of your, (and Marie’s) inner soul.

Value of Vault: Of course, the value of your closet is limited by the facility in which it resides and the ease of accessibility to its contents. Its value and your satisfaction with its functionality are also measured by its size, lighting and ability to house and display, and for ease of selection. Your lingerie MUST have its special space, just as those “Walking on a Cloud Heels” need a proper display place. This need applies to ALL elements of your treasure- Formals, Dresses, Jump Suits, Skirts (Long, Knee length, short, casual), Blouses & Tops (By Style//Season, Jeans and Slacks (Casual and dressy). Of-course, Sleep Wear (if you have it) needs its own niche. The same must be said for coats, purses, scarfs and hats. Jamming any of the above into a cramped box or space is a “Crime” against your inner femininity.

Worthwhile Enhancements: The value of your closet may be further enhanced by its proximity to a full Bathroom, which contains a full-length mirror as well as good lighting, a Makeup-Table or counter with a close-up make-up mirror, as well as a cosmetic, hair and skin care storage area.

Your Situation is Unique: Regardless of your personal situation and any limitations that you may face, you can still enjoy the pleasure of your Treasures. Part of that enjoyment can be mustered almost anytime you chose. You are free to question this assertion, however part of your enjoyment can be attained through your attitude and your ability to recall previous “Girl” experiences and perhaps a review of your collection of your “Girl” pictures or videos as well as your personal ability to recall and rewind your previous “Girl” adventures.

Opportunities Vary: As indicated by this paragraph heading opportunities to be your Girl Self vary immensely with your own situation. Privacy and time are probably the two most basic determinants and even Our Gal Marie Anne is restrained by them although to a far lesser degree than most of you. Her access to her Vault is not limited by these, so she can fully explore and enjoy the color, feel, fit, and mood enhancing nature of the wide horizon of feminine attire from a stylist sober business suit, to a bare arm cocktail dress, a gorgeous evening gown and even a marvelously fitting Wedding Dress. Naturally it goes without saying that this list does not cite all the unique elements and aspects of the Parthenon of female clothing and artifacts nor does it highlight your preferences.

The Dressing Challenge: Often our Gal choses to take a soaking tub with all the luxury of perfumed Bubble Bath before sliding into a piece of smooth silky sleep wear or a soft warm set of PJ’s ala Pajama Grams.

Regardless of her choice she descends into slumberland surrounded by the delicate and delicious scents of Body Talc, Face Cream and Perfumes. If on the other hand our Gal has forgone this evening option, she will undertake a morning ritual which will have Our Gal emerge from a warm refreshing perfumed body wash shower, wrapped in her extra-large soft pink bath towel and then glide into the CLOSET in her soft pink slippers. She may or may not have made a decision as to her choice of an outfit the night before.

Range of Choices: However, if Our Gal had a specific appointment or appointments on her early or mid-morning agenda, then she will quickly scan the long line of blouses and tops until her “satisfaction” light comes on and she reaches for one or two of the candidates. The next quick step is to select a “bottom” – jeans, slacks or skirt or two and hanging each up as a back drop to the previously chosen tops. Of cause, you may choose to reverse this process by selecting the bottom element first. There may be some mix and matching between the six items until a final decision is made. At this point being in a time crunch, she may not return “The also rans.” to their respective “Hang-Outs” but turn her attention to the selection of other essential ingredients of the “Outfit” often leaving the immediate area looking like a war zone. This may get more cluttered with discarded lingerie, shoes, accessories and purse. The final process will be done in a somewhat businesslike manner without much of “Girish Thrill” of sliding on, stepping into, dropping over her head or pulling up the selected elements a given choice of feminine attire over her hips. It is all part of the assembly process with its very pleasing, and possibly a spectacular conclusion.

The Dressing Adventure: If on the other hand our Gal does not have a specific purpose or has the luxury of open hours, it is quite likely and in fact a high probability that her mood will devolve from purposeful to creativity, imagination, playful, inquisitive and feminine experimental enjoyment. If this is her venue, Our Gal’s mood, (and yours) can change with choice of color and imagination along with a willingness to mix and match with abandon. Pure Joy! Any one of four basic elements can be a trigger on the first selection of the day from the racks of the “Closet treasures”. Often the selection will be triggered by a color, a style and a feel/caress of a specific fabric, and lastly the mental image of the combination, sometimes (perhaps often) the mental question “How will this look.”.

Experiments in Mood: The starting mood of the day is often set by the weather. Sunshine is far better than a dreary rainy start, however other factors – worry over bills, health, a family or job conflict and impending events all have an impact on one’s mood. Given the opportunity to enjoy part of our femininity even for a few minutes can be a great mood enhancer. Just holding a dress, blouse or skirt in front of yourself can be a mood enhancer.

Thus, our (your) choice and purpose of the specific outfit can also be a mood changer or enhancer as it may bring back some pleasant memories or experiences or even anticipation. Color is probably the element with the most impact, on your choice most likely followed by the texture, feel/fit and drape of a given item of clothing. Do you not agree?

There is another element which can have a decided impact on how you perceive yourself. That is your posture and standing. Beside your attitude, the single item of female wear that creates this feeling is the unconquerable high heel. There is no other piece of female attire, with the sole exception of a delightful, pretty and snug Brassiere that boasts pure femininity.

Another Field of Experimentation: Regardless of the event or choice of outfit from the minimum just described and short of designing a “New Face”, the choice of jewelry from a Pinky ring to a Diamond Tiara and the literally thousands of Bubbles, Bangles and Beads that are at our (your) fingertips and multiplying literally every day is astounding and definitely a very quick mood changer. Apparel to the three B’s is the matched scent of THE perfume that defines another inner level of your, mine and our personal femininity.

CONCLUSION: Although we all (once comfortable with ourselves) enjoy stepping out into the World as a Woman. This can range from dashing out at nine o’clock at night to the local Super Market for some essential items, perhaps Milk, Coffee, Tea, Eggs, Dog or Cat food and maybe a packet of Depends. This brief adventure is although accomplished in Jeans, a Turtle Neck, Earrings, your favorite Engagement or Wedding Ring and a light dusting of face powder and your Go-to lipstick can be just as stimulating and reassurance of your Femininity as being all Glammed Up for a New Year’s Eve Gala. Thus, your time and choices in your “Closet” can and should be a foundation for “GETTING OUT AMONG THEM”.

One thought on “A Day in The Closet

  1. We all have our own ways of storing and closeting our femme wardrobe. Typically it is a matter of necessity and opportunity. For years I hid my stuff in every corner and crevice I could find, the back of a closet, under the work bench, etc.
    I have no quarrel with your system.


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