Training Pretty, Day Three

By Dee

It’s Sun-Dee!

Today was a day I had been looking forward to for quite some time. I had bought a beautiful dress, and I needed a place to wear it. The musical Hamilton was playing at a theater near my hotel, so I bought a ticket and planned my day around the performance.

The first order of business for the day was to buy some flats. Two days of walking in heels had torn up my feet a bit, and with my marathon (now) 5 days away, I couldn’t really mess too much with them. Fortunately, within a block of my hotel was a Designer Shoe Warehouse (no luck) and a Payless (RIP). I had a couple of choices at Payless, and between the shoes being on sale and having a 25% off coupon, the flats were $16. I had held out and not bought flats previously, but these were comfortable and a necessity.

Next was a return trip to Nordstrom Rack, to find the dress I has passed up on Sunday. I had tried it on back in October, and it was on sale for $30, and although a bit tight (this was an L as opposed to an XL), with my spanx and other shapewear on it fit pretty well (nice and tight, which I like). After about 5 minutes of searching, I found it, tried it on, and bought it.

I ventured through a couple of stores and tried on a couple of tops and skirts at Zara, and then headed to Nordstrom. I was met there by Valentina, and picked out a few dresses to try on. She quickly began pulling a number of dresses, which is typical spectacular Nordstrom service. This was her first week at Nordstrom, so she picks up the culture quickly. She is Russian by birth, married to a Yank. They met on a foreign exchange and married after knowing each other for a year (my wife, an Aussie, and I spent seven years of back and forth before getting married).

The early April weather was suitable for my long sleeve red dress, my long sleeve sweater, and my new flats. I was carrying the new dress and my black heels in the bag (I wanted the heels while I was trying on dresses).

I probably ended up trying 25 to 30 dresses (Valentina kept bringing them, and I love trying them on). I ended up buying the blue dress with pink straps, which one of the St. Louis sales agents loved on me. Valentina loved it too, and I ended up finally seeing the appeal.

All told, I was probably three hours at Nordstrom. Valentina spent a lot of that with me; I’m so blase now I just change in front of the SAs. She was friendly and supportive, which means I am three-for-three in dealing with Nordstrom associates. Seriously, if you have a Nordstrom in your town or vicinity, and wish to see what they have, call them up and ask if you can come in. I will almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

After Nordstrom I went to a Noodles and Company for lunch, where the excitement was a panhandler coming in and being asked to leave by the staff, and the panhandler became verbally abusive to the staff as they removed him. As an aside, there were a number of panhandlers/street people around, and on a couple of occasions, a panhandler would say something like “nice dress lady”. I guess anything to get a donation. 

I went to Sephora and another nice makeup tech did my eyes, brows, and fixed up my lipstick, and I went to Hamilton, which was great. I had to wait to enter the theater, but I wasn’t too nervous, although being in crowds like this was still a new experience for me. Post Hamilton I went to a local Italian cafeteria style restaurant–nothing too exciting.

P.S. My wife, two sons, my son’s girlfriend,and I are going to see Hamilton in early June. Of course, none of them know I have seen it already…but I do. 

Editorial comment: you certainly make the most of your time out!

A shameless plug: if you don’t often do so, go back and read the comments to yesterday’s post. Way better material than my actual post. I would like to expand on these thoughts, but need feedback from my readers.

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