The Quest Continues

January 16, 2020 – In my new role as (unpaid) Volunteer Coordinator for the North Coast Men’s Chorus, I was asked to attend a board meeting, so of course, I made a bit of a day of it. I wore what I thought was a lovely outfit and from the complements I got, I think I did alright. The theme for this one was purple and I was very pleased with it.

This turtleneck was picked up for a song at a thrift and really paired well with the skirt. The boots were needed on this blustery day.

My first stop was for a lemon drop martini from my friend Leah. I had her teach me how they are made and I think after much practice (days later at home), I think got it! Practice, practice, practice.

There I sat next to three other ladies there for Happy Hour and we chatted about the recent Elton John concert on his multi-year long farewell tour. It was just normal to sit there and talk, enjoying our cocktails.

My next stop was a networking event held by the Arts & Culture foundation. I met the CEO, whom I had spoken with earlier in the day and many others. I am hopeful she will be able to help me in my continued quest to put Kandi to work. Many walked up to me to say hello because I believe, my uniqueness makes me someone people want to get to know. There were quite a few complements on my outfit.

Finally I went to the board meeting. No real story there. I mostly sat quietly and listened. I spoke briefly about my new role. Great people, but it was mostly all business. One of the board members and I spoke the following day on the phone and he made a point of telling my how nice I look, as well as how professional. He certainly did not have to say that and he did so the next day, so maybe I did look okay.

A great outfit, a bunch of good people, no real big stories. Just another day me being me. A normal day, boring in many ways, somewhat routine and you know what? That’s quite alright.

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