Interesting Recent Comments From Different Voices

I love comments from anyone, but particularly from someone who doesn’t often do so and feels compelled to comment by something posted here. In case you don’t go back and read comments, here are a few recent ones I particularly liked (from infrequent commentors):

I am glad for your positive encounters while shopping.

I too am ‘over’ being discovered ‘enfemme’.

Just DO IT!

I have received numerous compliments while shopping at Value Village (division of Shoppers). Often I am complimented on my clothes style, hair, makeup, and of course my ‘nice shapely (truck driver) legs complete with hose and heels….

One kind lady asked for my advice on how she looked in a ‘jeans jacket’. I offered her my honest opinion that the base of the jacket matched her ‘derriere’ perfectly. So, she made the purchase!

One late Saturday, another lady offered the address of a local ‘yard sale’ which had ‘a great many’ ‘clip-on’ style earrings, as this is what I do wear.

Another encounter with a customer revealed that she was from the local homeless shelter, and her other clothes had been stolen. I offered her the chance to purchase a few new clothes, and I covered the nominal cost. As for chance encounters with acquaintances, I spied a lady at Value Village whom I worked with years ago (we are now both retired). I walked past her TWICE when she was in the checkout line. She never acknowledged me!

So, tempting fate, I walked up behind her, and tapped her on the shoulder! When she turned,

I asked her ”Whatcha’ Think”? My distinct voice revealed who I really was.

She drawled my last name: Smiiiiith? (not my real name).

Dammmmmmm! Look at you! You look gooooood!

Hell, your makeup and hair (blonde wig) is better than mine! AND you got perfect LADY GLASSES that are PERFECT for the look. Dammmmmmm!

Red dress and black heels? Its perfect!

Quite a rush.



From Velma

While I too don’t put much value in labels since we need as many labels as there are people on this planet, they are, at times, a useful shorthand in conversation. I wouldn’t quite agree with your (and my) situation being gender fluid. I sometimes like to think of it from a quantum physics perspective. We live in a quantum state that has two values, male and female. We travel between the two but never occupy the middle or any other state. Since we travel we are not stationary and therefore must be fluid.

From Leann Lapine

Or, maybe gender is still fluid, and you are just pouring yourself, back and forth, into two different vessels?


There are often great stories and thought in the comments. Keep on commenting! This is a community, if it’s just me, how interesting can that be?

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