Training Pretty, Day Two

By Dee

Back in April 2017, I made a train trip from downstate Illinois to Chicago. The following is part two of that trip.

I woke up early (5:45) although I wanted to sleep in. I got up, put on my only boy clothes (workout stuff), and spent an hour running on the treadmill and half an hour on the elliptical in the hotel exercise room. In probably not the best of timing, I scheduled my train trip the week before I would be running my third (and to date, last) marathon on Sunday. Before my trip, I had been swapping messages with another member of a forum I belong to. Based on those messages, I set up a styling session with Kelly, the styling director at the Nordstrom at Old Orchard Mall, located in the Chicago suburbs. I got dressed, wearing my favorite Maggy London dress, and did another first–I took a taxi to the mall dressed.

Upon arriving, I found Kelly had pulled a wide variety of combinations, and then pulled more when I got there. So much fun to have a room full of clothes to try on, and someone to give you opinions. I tried on lots of stuff, but settled on some black skinny jeans and a black top that work well together.

Then she brought in a dress and I was in love. It was a new arrival, a blue Maggy London dress. I tried on a size 16 and then the size 14, and the 14 was a bit tight but doable. Then Kelly went and got a scalloped Kate Spade sweater to wear with it and the combination was lethal. I couldn’t say no to the dress or the sweater.

All in all, I bought a black and white top, black skinny jeans, the blue dress, and the sweater. I spent more than I intended but what’s a girl to do? In all, I spent about three hours with Kelly. She was fabulous and I enjoyed it immensely (she enjoyed it too and encouraged me to return, which I did about three months later). 

I needed to use the restroom, and for the first time (at least intentionally; I’ve done it unintentionally other times), I walked into the women’s restroom (previously, I had always been able to find unisex bathrooms). No one at the sinks; good. Finish my business, and there are two women at the sinks. Ok, keep cool, just wash hands and exit, no problem. Except the woman to my right says, “that’s a beautiful dress”, which is certainly NOT what I was expecting to hear. I said thanks and said I got it here (meaning Nordstrom). When I was checking out she walked by and said I had good taste. Then Kelly’s co-worker, who is on the other side of the desk, says she likes my lipstick color and asks for the color. So I dig it out of my purse, and read it off to her, and tell her I got it at Sephora.

I then went to some other stores in the mall, and then had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, where the waitress complimented my nail color. I took another taxi back downtown to complete another fun day.

But wait! There’s more…….next Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Training Pretty, Day Two

  1. Thank you for sharing the details of this femventure. It helps all of us to see that at least some of us are constantly stretching the envelop.
    The photos are wonderful and you truly do have a great taste is clothes


  2. DEE,
    Totally enjoyed reading of your adventure, It reminded me of many of my own, You were brave to venture out as you did. Is it not wonderful to be accepted even if it by a Sales Gal.


    You are so generous for posting Dee’s story. A great friendship.
    Marie Anne


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