Keeping Busy on a Snowy Day

January 8, 2020 – I had a planning meeting scheduled for The Prom to Remember, so I made a bit of an “everyday” of it. The new record for a purchased item, less than 24 hours from acquisition to outing! It was just really cute and exactly what the day called for. I picked this sweater up the day before for a song, it caught my attention walking through a Goodwill just trying to kill time and not buy anything (oops!).

My first stop for the day was to buy some concert tickets for a friend.

Then I stopped at the nearby Goodwill and did some shopping, picking up a cute turtleneck with a matching scarf.

Then over to Ulta to finish my makeup kit update, a bit of a project I have been on for the past few weeks. I had to replenish my Dermablend powder and creme cover (a must!) and got some new lip liners, primer, eye crayons and a cool new eye shadow pallet.

Then I headed over to Burlington where I picked up a perfect grey cardigan (the one I recently wore is way too big, destined for consignment), a cute turtleneck and a beautiful CK blazer. Then I headed across town to my meeting, but since I had another hour to kill, I stopped at Gabe’s and got a black cardigan (as usual, my current black cardigan is too large for me as well).

Finally, our January Prom to Remember planning meeting. I reported on my role as Transportation Coordinator and it looks like I will also be the Volunteer Coordinator for the prelude, the Dress Extravaganza. My plate is starting to get pretty full.

I then quickly high-tailed it home for the second day of the Jeopardy! Greatest of All-Time Tournament. TV at its finest!

More meetings this week….

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