Meeting Day

December 11, 2019 – I had a couple of meetings scheduled for this day. My first was at a coffee shop to meet a gentleman very well connected within the nonprofit community. He was great and really helped me understand the landscape out there and how to approach the marketplace. I am awful at searching the internet and he helped me with some valuable ideas about how to do so properly. The introduction to this gentleman was made by my “boss” at The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, a wonderful young lady.

After coffee, I headed to Friday’s to have my dinner. I sat at the bar, which was surprisingly full and enjoyed my meal.

My final meeting of the day was a Prom to Remember planning meeting. No real story, just me there and Kandi in the role of a real person. I am simply who I am there and I am honored every time to be an important contributor to this worthy cause.

My outfit was business casual, a simple and comfortable pair of slacks and a multicolored blouse. Nothing fancy, but an everyday working outfit. I kinda like the close up picture below.

No great tales to tell, just me being out, trying to get things accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Day

  1. Kandi,

    Glad you are still plugging away on the job front It will come through soon.. BTW Like the look of the new Hair Style. Enjoy all the holidays.

    Marie Anne


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