Plexus and More

By Sherry Greer

On Thursday December 5th I was invited by Kandi to attend the Plexus holiday party at a restaurant in Public Square in Cleveland. Previously, I have written about my relationship with my wife and how we are working through the process of her accepting the “Sherry” part of me. It has been a slow, and often times, painful process that ebbs and flows like the weather. Earlier in the week I went to my gender therapist and we talked about the emotional impact that this has on all of us. That day was the first time I had the opportunity to get out in over a month and I felt like a drug addict needing a fix. When I told my therapist that she said that had such a negative context to it. I explained to her that it wasn’t and for the first time ever I put down on “paper” (in a text) that I am now a better person because I love and accept myself for who I am. I also told her that I asked my wife that I wanted to go to the Plexus party and she said yes! The party marked the first time that my wife knew that I was dressed and out somewhere. She certainly has known that I have gone out before but it’s always been a “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation.

Getting back to Thursday! I started out early by dressing casually in a mustard colored top, tan long fly away, blue jeans, and my tan boots. I made an appointment to get my nails done. I decided to choose red with a pearl accent nail. I grew out my nails for a few weeks so they were longer than they have ever been! I broke part of one a few days prior so the nail tech put a fake one on. The color was so festive and went with my red lipstick that I was wearing later for the party! It was my favorite manicure to date and I got many compliments.

I had to go to the store to pick up some makeup remover/etc and I was treated like any other woman shopping. I then had an appointment at the wig salon where I bought my blonde wig (Gina’s Wigs in Rocky River). Gina is wonderful and will take fabulous care of you! At her salon I had my real hair cut in an androgynous style. She blew it dry and styled it in a feminine manner to show me what it could look like. After she was finished cutting my hair I got changed into the outfit for the party. The skirt I wore was one I bought with Kandi during the summer and the top I recently purchased in guy mode but I told the SA it was for me! When I came out of the bathroom Gina noticed that I was walking stiffly and we worked on me walking in a more feminine manner. She then styled my wig. I told her I wanted an updo like the last time she did it. The last time she made me cry it looked so good! My hair turned out fantastic and I felt so feminine! We took some pictures before I left, I gave her a big hug and took one more glance in the mirror and paused in amazement.

I got downtown a little early and did some window shopping at Tower City which is an indoor shopping center for you non-Cleveland people! I also walked around the casino that’s attached to the center for a bit before going to a coffee shop. As I arrived at the party Kandi greeted me at the door (she was volunteering and “manning” her post). As I was going to check in and introduce myself to Lauren who I emailed during the week I noticed a familiar face whom I worked closely with a few years ago as my male self. He was there with his partner and after a drink I got the courage to approach him! At first he had no idea who I was and it took 3 or 4 hints until he realized. When he did, he gave me a hug and said welcome! I saw him a few years ago and have worried, for no reason, about that!

Throughout the night I met so many wonderful and accepting people and can’t wait to go to another Plexus event in the future. Kandi and I were almost the last to leave but before we said our goodbyes we got some pictures amongst the Christmas decorations! Hope you like the pictures!

Editorial comment: I had little to do with her great day! I just happened to go along for the ride.

4 thoughts on “Plexus and More

    1. Pat,
      Thanks, it was wonderful and Kandi always knows how to take care of me! I love feeling feminine and I definitely felt that way the entire night!
      Stay beautiful-Sherry


  1. Sherry, what a gorgeous look for the event, I love the wig styling that Gina did for you. Coming out to your former work colleague was a real milestone for you, as was your wife’s assenting to the event in the first place. Beautiful pictures! ❤


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