MIX: Icon

December 6, 2019 – The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Christmas MIX event featured icons including the artists on display in the museum as well as iconic musical artists on the main stage. Broken record time, I am a part of the museum, a very, very small part, but a part nonetheless. Patrons and party guests look forward to seeing what I am wearing. Volunteer staff and other fellow volunteers look forward to seeing me (and I, of course, feel the same with them). Many of the security staff and event bartenders greet me warmly when we see each other.

Allow me to to tell you about three such people. Stephen is a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who attends every single monthly MIX event. Without fail he comes over to greet me at the beginning of the event, with a broad smile that simply melts me. We have various gallery tours at every MIX and he takes them all. He needs help with the elevator, so I often help him get up to the galleries on the second level. We chatted a while this evening and he asked me to take his picture next to the Christmas tree. Since I am old, the thought of taking a photo with him didn’t hit me until it was too late. When I feel sorry for myself for this or that, I’ll often think of him and it will remind me how lucky I am and how one should approach life.

Wayne and Tom are security guards at the museum. With so many priceless items in the building, you can imagine the amount of security required. Both look like they are ex-Marines. My principal function at the party is to answer questions and be the first line of defense against any liquids being taken into the galleries. Tom, this evening, was the second such line of defense, among his many other obligations. He was so sweet to me, chatting and thanking me for the good job I do (I’m pretty good at it and it’s not as easy as it sounds). Wayne was working the front entrance, so I didn’t see him until I was putting on my coat to leave. He saw me, smiled broadly and came over to tell me about an artifact that I was standing near. He then wished me a Merry Christmas and hugged me. Absolute and complete acceptance and maybe the most valuable hug I have ever received! Wow….

Here’s your girl taking advantage of a photo op!

I worked this evening with my wonderful friend June, the woman who treated me to one of my better days this past summer at her country club. I am truly blessed to have friends like her! The evening was full of hugs and complements. I apparently smelled pretty good, as I received a few complements on my scent. My new hair style was noticed as well. I am noticed and it is done so in such a heartwarming way. One woman, whom I don’t believe I had ever met, simply walked up and hugged me and then went on her way. Pretty cool!

This is my friend Maddie, a MIX isn’t complete without a big hug from her!

Finally, let’s talk about the outfit. I just love this $3 dress, an Ann Taylor gem! I went basic with the jewelry (wearing magnetic earrings for the first time and I LOVED them), tights and little booties. I have to say, I felt pretty all night long. A great feeling and a great evening. Lucky me!

2 thoughts on “MIX: Icon

  1. Another winner of a dress, it looks great with the tights and booties. It is so heartwarming to see how you are loved by the museum and the other volunteers.


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